Different Types Of Friends || What Type Of Friend Are You?

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Hello everyone, hope you are all doing great, keeping safe and staying positive.

Have you ever thought about how life would be without friends.

Well, personally I don't have so much friends...I just have a few of them. I don't know why, but as I got older I just wanted privacy and letting just a few into my circle. Not because I am a proud person but I think that is the kind of person I groomed myself to be. I like to be in my own space, have one or two friends that I can be there for and that can be there for me. For me, the issue isn't about making friends...it is about keeping them, which I am not very good at but I try if I like the person.

But then, what is life without friends in them, to tease you, gossip with, to inspire or motivate you, to hang out with, advice you and such. No matter how private anyone can be I think having someone to call your friend is a blessing and a good thing...not just a friend in name only but a friend indeed.

Types Of Friends

Has there are different personalities in existence, so does the friends we have vary. You'd agree with me that there are the crazy types, loud types, quiet types to mention a few. However, their different personalities make them interesting, and more fun.

  • The Social/Wild ~ This ones are the crazy kinds, they love to enjoy their life, like adventure, they hangout a lot. The type of friend that would call you and say "Hey babe, there's a party happening tomorrow...let's turn up". They are very lively and do not like to get bored. They know where it is happening, what to wear...so free as a bird, anything they put on fits just perfectly because they have got the swag.

  • The Long Time Friends ~ This are the ones that have been in your life for a long time. They know you better and have even become family...they know when you are sad happy and all, most times you cannot hide something from them. They know about your first kiss,heartbreaks ...basically things you can't tell your parents. They are the best excuse for a lie lol.

  • The Good ones/ Quiet Ones~ Okay, this ones are the well behaved types, they don't want trouble...ah! they stay out of trouble. The ones that would never go with you to clubs or parties, they just want to stay home and do their thing. They prefer hanging out at home or in private places, only then would you get the best of them. They are also good when it comes to giving advice.

  • The close friend who is an opposite sex ~ Once upon a time I had such a friend, a guy that would gist with you and tell you all the secrets of the opposite sex. Most times if you are in a relationship, they would always pose a problem to your spouse/partner due to their closeness. They are fun to be with but if not careful, it may result to a one-sided crush or love.

I am not the wild kind of friend, I would most likely prefer to stay home and watch movies than go to club or party....well that depends on what kind of party. I like to visit places with my friends if the opportunity present itself. I can be quiet if I want to but only those close to me would see my crazy side.

What kind of friend are you and what kind of friends do you have around you that interest you the most. Drop your comments and let's talk.

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Stay Safe And Remain Positive. 💕💕

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