Be Real || What Does It Mean To Be Real?

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“Be yourself. That is something you can do better than anyone else. Listen to that inner voice and bravely follow it.” ~ Unknown

Be real, be yourself...

I have heard this phrase countless times so much that I get confused about if I am being real myself..I bet you must have heard it at some point in life. It is also a phrase used most of the times on the platform when trying to advice or encourage a "newbee". But then what does it mean by for one to be real and be themselves.

To be real means being genuine, not fake or pretending to be something you are not...putting on a facade to impress people. To be real does not mean you have to be perfect, it has to do with the good and bad side of you....your flaws, your strengths, your that weird thing that only you knows how to do and so on. In this present times, some persons has given in to either living a lie or living their life"for others"...because to me if you live your life trying to impress others then you are practically living your life for them...according to their rules, which is what they say about you.

The reason why I think some people live the way they do, when it comes to "not being real"...

From my opinion people tend to throw away "being real or being themselves" to escape from the reality they find themselves. They put on a facade of lie to make people see them differently from what they actually are. This could be as a result of individual experience in life, the reality they are trying so hard to escape from. A person that comes from a poor home feels he/she has to pretend to be from a wealthy background. To play this story out, this person has to behave and act in a manner a wealthy person each day with through fear of getting exposed.

The fear of being rejected amongst your peers or criticized has also made people deviate from being themselves. They fear that they aren't going to be accepted for who they are so on other to fit in, they go with the flow of others, leaving behind what makes them.

To be real, some things are important...

  • One of which is to always remember that in life not everyone would like you. Some will and some won' is not your job to please people and as easy as it may sound, which it isn't you should not let it bother you. So don't live your live pleasing others, please yourself.
  • Don't act what you are not for any reason, it would bounce back at some point. Live your normal"best" self in the best way you can. Flaunt the best parts of you..there is something special about each person.

  • Take responsibility for your actions. When you make a choice stand by it and follow it through, be it good or bad you learn from the experience.

  • Listen to all the advice given to you and pick the ones that works for you because not all advice would work for you. Learn from others experience and make wise choices from there on.
  • Build yourself mentally or psychologically so as not to be easily influenced by others. You should make your own rules and not live by the rules or words of others. When someone tells you that you can't achieve a particular thing ever, don't be moved by that because you haven't even tried it yet.

I feel not being real or being yourself cages you, It limits what you can offer, but when you are yourself and real about things, you are free as a bird to explore everything around you without the fear of being exposed. Be real not for anyone but for yourself, feel good about yourself, be honest with yourself.

Live in the moment, live by your own rules and not the rule of others. You can't always impress everyone so why bother. Instead of trying to escape the reality you are in that moment in time just face it, deal with the situation and come out a better person with one more lessons learnt from life, having succeeded that phase of life.

Your experiences plays a role in shaping who you are, your choices and actions too. So build yourself, be yourself and be real about one is perfect but you can be real. There is this saying I heard, I can't remember where I heard or saw it but it says....

Pretending to be what not may bring you to a high position in life but being real will keep you there.

  • Click on images for the source...all images used are from pixabay.


Stay Safe And Remain Positive. 💕💕

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