Why have a safe?

in GEMSlast year

I am thinking about getting a gun safe soon, as my daughters are crawling around, and I do have some things I would like to keep safe if someone robbed my house. But that being said, we moved someone and they left a hand safe there. It sounded like some change was in there, and they did not want it anymore, and did not have the key. So I thought it was going to be tough to get into it. 4 seconds later I was 40 cents richer.

20200805_054758.jpg one blow from the bar and we were in, so I don't know the purpose of it.


That's pretty funny.

Ya, I could be come a criminal if I get laid off now.

Maybe don't put that on the blockchain.

When are you going to update is on the WFC trade?

soon, maybe the weekend.

It's finally showing some life.

I know now I have to talk about it.

Hopefully you averaged down otherwise you must be down pretty good on it.

You should always take care of yourself

A safe is a good option to have if you want some things a bit inaccessible to anyone but you @bigram13 :D

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