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Splinterlands weekly challenge and this week theme is SPARK PIXIES.

Fire is definitely my non-favorite splinter. Always tricky and quite undetectable results. And it is appeared that I do not have SPARK PIXIES even on my 1st level alts, so had actually to buy them from market in order to test and see what this card is really worth.
While I don't really like Fire much at my main 5th level account, I never play Fire on 1st levels one, considering it to be most weak, while at 1st level I would still play melee attack monsters, due most Fire legendaries are almost useless at that point. And SPARK PIXIES with its range attack is not really the card I would chose at first place.
While it is very very fast, it has only 1 Life, but also Fly ability to be noted for Earthquake fight battle conditions.

So, basically I was prepared to have quite a long losses streak trying to play Fire using SPARK PIXIES in the line-up, but unexpectedly won already second battle.

(Just to remind playing with my 1st level alt account)

FIGHT. Unprotected + Healed Out + 26 Mana


Pretty high Mana and Unprotected, well maybe not a bad choice for Fire still. Main strategy was try to use most fastest monsters from Fire team, but still with Melee attack mostly

Here is final line-up

  • SERPENTINE SOLDIER. High speed, high LIfe. Disadvantage is missing one armor protection due battle conditions
  • GIANT ROCK. Lower speed, but high Life and Reach+Fly abilities
  • SERPENTINE SPY. Higher Melee attack with Opportunity. Disadvantage - only 1 Life
  • SPARK PIXIES. Very high speed and high Range attack. Disadvantage - only 1 Life, but Flying ability may save it from hit
  • KOBOLD MINER. Most used card in Fire due very low Mana and Sneak ability. While not so fast
  • CERBERUS. Still had free mana to put something at last line. Here actually made a mistake since completely forgot Healing Out conditions. Otherwise just perfect against opponents sneak attacks

Opponent chose Drake of Arnak summoner, which actually was first mistake, since haven't got any Summoner buff due "Unprotected" battle condition. At smae time it allowed to use Fire Spitter too, which is very fast with high Life and Ranged attack. By the same time, second mistake was using Goblin Mech in "Unprotected".
Maybe that bot was playing, who knows? Or just player mixed conditions, that also happens

So with a Malric Inferno Melee attack buff, the final result turned to be in my favor after all

Hope you have enjoyed!