Splinterlands Card Review: SILVERSHIELD SHERIFF.

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I hope you're having a great day!

Welcome back to my blog where I'll try to review splinterlands card in every detailed way possible with a gameplay of the card.

This time... I'm going to review SILVERSHIELD SHERIFF.


The horseback Sheriffs of Khymeria are tasked with enforcing Khymian law, especially in the places known for being riddled with dissenting Peacebringers. These horse-riding lawfolk live solitary lives with few friends. As they patrol through the streets of Khymian towns and villages, they are often pelted with rotten vegetables and told to “go back to Cloudgard!” Contrary to popular opinion ( which is seeded by the Peacebringers), Silvershield Sheriffs are usually upstanding protectors of Khymian peace and freedom. They must have a strong moral character (and true aim) to put up with such abuse from those they protect. - Source.

Edition: REWARD
Rarity: RARE
Element: LIFE


In level 1, this card contains 3 ranged attack, 3 speed & 8 health with "Snipe" ability.
And it needs 9 mana for battling.

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This card can be combined till max level 8 with 115 cards.
Each level gives different stats such as...

  • LVL 1 with 1 card gives 3 melee attack, 3 speed & 8 health with "Snipe" ability.
  • LVL 2 with 5 cards gives 3 melee attack, 4 speed & 8 health with "Snipe" ability.
  • LVL 3 with 14 cards gives 3 melee attack, 4 speed & 8 health with "Snipe & Piercing" abilities.
  • LVL 4 with 25 cards gives 4 melee attack, 4 speed & 8 health with "Snipe & Piercing" abilities.
  • LVL 5 with 40 cards gives 4 melee attack, 4 speed & 9 health with "Snipe & Piercing" abilities.
  • LVL 6 with 60 cards gives 4 melee attack, 4 speed & 8 health with "Snipe, Piercing & Protect" abilities.
  • LVL 7 with 85 cards gives 4 melee attack, 4 speed & 9 health with "Snipe, Piercing & Protect" abilities.
  • LVL 8 with 115 cards gives 5 melee attack, 4 speed & 9 health with "Snipe, Piercing & Protect" abilities.


Snipe: Target enemy monsters with ranged, magic or no attack that are not in the first position

Piercing: If melee or ranged attack damage is in excess of the targets armor, the remainder will damage targets health.

Protect: All friendly monsters gain +2 armor.

I saw this monster in my collection for some days and thought of making a review with it.
It's a great monster for high mana caps battle as it has high attack power, speed & health.

I already had 8 cards and I wished to level it up to level 4 so I needed 17 more cards and I bought em for 1.07$ = 1938.628 DEC.


Right now, my SILVERSHIELD SHERIFF in level 4 that offers me 4 ranged attacks, 4 speed & 8 health with "Snipe & Piercing" abilities.
After I bought and leveled this card up, I tried this card for some battle.

I tried more than one battle actually.
I lost most of the battles... not because of this card actually.
I'm in Champion league again so it's hard to win every battle.

But at last I won a battle easilty which I'm gonna share below.

Let me show one of my battle using this card.

Link to the battle.

A Brief Info About The Match

The battles mana cap was 44 with "Back to Basics & Lost Magic" Rules.
I used life splinter in this battle and my opponent used earth splinter.

My lineup


I had my Goblin Mech in level 6, Cyclops in level 5, Peacebringer in level 6, Air Elemental in level 4, Evangelist in level 3, Silvershield Sheriff in level 4.
It was my setup.

And my opponent had his cards as Stonesplitter ORC, Mantoid, Cyclops, Mitica Headhunter, Javelin Thrower, Cornealus all of them in level 1.

My opponent used all his/her cards in level 1 so it was the easiest battle for me.
Although the battle showed skills of my SILVERSHIELD SHERIFF and that's what I wished to show so that's a win win.

I'm happy to say that I won this battle this easily.

Let me show some screenshot of this battle.




I didn't lose a single monster in this battle.
My Silvershield Sheriff did well.

Battle Results


I got 17.863 DEC and 15 League rating points for losing this battle.

Photos and details are taken from splinterlands
** The End **

If you're interested in playing splinterlands game then you should start it.
Here is the link to official websites which is also my affiliate link.

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