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I hope you're having a great day!

Welcome back to my blog where I'm going to share one of my splinterlands art.

This time, I'm going to show the lazy gang of life splinter.

Let's see the completed art.


So... yeah basically this is the lazy gang that I wished to show.


I started designing lazy monsters long ago.
And I could draw 3 of em till now and those are... Tyrus Paladium, Silvershield Paladin & Peacebringer.

From the beginning of these art,,, I had this plan in my mind that I'd create something like a team like Avengers.

So I started creating some lazy version of life splinter monsters.
I couldn't find that much of free time so I couldn't draw many monsters but I could at least draw three of my favorite monsters of life splinter.

Let me introduce all my lazy monsters.

I made the team leader at first and also made him the laziest of all.
And he should be the laziest as a leader, right?

Lazy Tyrus V2.0


This is Lazy Tyrus in version 2.0.

I made him the second time so that he can cope up with the team.
In this art; I tried to show that the lazy tyrus was looking for his teammates so that he can go for a sound sleep.

Wanna know the full process of Lazy Tyrus V2.0?
Then go check on the below link.

Lazy Monsters: Part 02 (Lazy Tyrus 2.0).

Lazy Peacebringer


This is Lazy Peacebringer.

I made him for the first time at that time.
I wished to make him a romantic lazy monster.
So I gave him the role where he could enjoy his laziness with a cool song.
And I gave him "Somewhere Over The Rainbow" song to listen to.

Wanna know the full process of Lazy Peacebringer?
Then go check on the below link.

Lazy Monsters: Part 03 (Lazy Peacebringer.

Silvershield Paladin (Lazy Version)


This is Lazy Silvershield Paladin.

I made him bald in this art.
It's like he is lazy but ready for a fight for any time.
He left his sword, shield and mask beside him and was sleeping deeply.

Wanna know the full process of Lazy Silvershield Paladin?
Then go check on the below link.

Silvershield Paladin (Lazy Version).

Lazy Gang of Life Splinter


So... Lazy Silvershiel Paladin was already in deep sleep while Lazy Peacebringer was listening to the coolest song in the world and enjoying his lazy (spare) time.
At that time... their leader, king of lazy, laziest of lazy Tyrus was begging em to go to sleep.

Well... they were already sleeping, right?
So what happened to Lazy Tyrus?
Did I make anything wrong here?

Ummm Ummm Ummm Umm... well let's make it right (the story).

They have a big kingdom where they sleep together and Lazy Tyrus someone who gets scared to sleep alone.
That's why he couldn't sleep although he was dying to sleep.
So he came down to call his team members.

Is the story good enough now?

I can't say more, buddy.
I have many more things to do.
It's past 11:50 PM already.

I'm now cooking a dish, gonna need to wash some clothes and then clean up the bed.
Many things left to do.

I hope you liked the art (all of em).

** The End **

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