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Beautiful medieval journey to Kilkenny Castle (Ireland)✨🏰 [Hermoso viaje medieval a El Castillo Kikenny - Irlanda]

By: @flores39


Como te habrás dado cuenta, me fascina viajar y disfrutar de lugares exóticos donde observo cada componente biótico, abiótico


COVID - 19 Let's know the symptoms/ Conozcamos los síntomas. Eng / Esp

By: @cvnuitter


Steemians the crown virus has already spread rapidly around the world, since its appearance in Wuhan, affecting the world economy, for me this is the third world war.


Whorl of the rails

By: @d-pend


The slightly pudgy hand with slightly dirty fingernails peeled the sticker from the striped shirt which had been its home for two hours and fifteen minutes.


~The toys that made me/ Los juguetes que me hicieron. Illustration+Storytelling by Alejandra Her

By: @alejandra.her


The adults we are today were children at some point. Many of us forget this, and we want to treat children like adults. I think sooner or later we all forget it sometime. We forget it because we stop doing childish things, we stop creating.


Une croisière pour visiter les côtes de Dalmatie (Partie 10 : Omis)

By: @iptrucs


Après Split, nous débarquons à Omis, la ville des pirates. Cette cité est située à l'embouchure de la rivière Cetina.


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Merci @appreciator, en espérant que mes photos sur Omis (Croatie) vont plaire 🙂

Je vous en prie

Great so the information will reach more people. Thank you @appreciator for the feedback.👩‍💻

You are much welcome.


Great selections guys 💪

Thank you

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