My Spicy Snacks: Tapioka Crackers

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In a way, it is difficult for Indonesians to devour the main meals without crackers. So we usually eat rice with crackers, and or without rice.


I usually eat tapioca crackers with spicy sauce. This is enough to help me get rid of the headaches besides coffee 😂😂😂


Maybe I am among those who are quite strange, relieving dizziness with spicy food, but indeed it was strange enough to succeed.


My other family members also have the same habit, making spicy snacks as a dizzy medicine.

The texture of tapioca crackers is really crispy, but it will break easily if it is exposed to the sauce. That is why it must be finished to eat immediately.


For the record, do not eat too many crackers because it usually will cause a sore throat.

Have you ever eaten crackers?



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What were you eating?

This is crackers my friend. Indonesian snacks

Thanks for your reply

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