I’m Ready For Golden Toast!

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Homemade noodles have finished. Now it's my turn to have super delicious toast. But these toast are not made from bread in general.


I named them golden toast, made from sweet potatoes.


I love finding healthy ways to start the day, with a light and delicious breakfast menu! How to make it is also very easy and by baking so I can do something else while waiting for them to cook.


Bake slices of sweet potatoes with olive oil for 30-40 minutes.


We can combine various types of vegetables for topping on the Golden Toast.

In addition, we can store Golden Toast for a week in the refrigerator and it saves our lives because it saves time.


I use a different topping every day. And sometimes I add cheese topping on them.

Accompanied by a glass of milk, it's perfect enough for an imperfect life.



Salut dengan hasilnya. Karena setiap hari @anggreklestari, kerap menemukan ide-ide kreatif terutama dalam hal bagaimana
cara membuat
masakan. Tipsnya oke punya, dan patut di tiru oleh ibu rumahan.

Mantul, fren👌

Makasih fren.

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