How Eggless Noodles Can Be the Live Saver for Everyone! Only Two Ingredients Recipe (PART 2)

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After making homemade noodles without eggs, then now I will tell you the easiest way to serve noodles to be a delicious dish.


The complete noodle making process, you can read in PART 1 HERE.


In the previous part, I have shared how to make noodles only with flour and boiled water.

So after the noodles are finished, then dip the noodles in boiling water for 2-3 minutes.


Then soak the noodles in ice water for at least 10 minutes then drain.


Prepare simple spices to taste like chili, onion, celery, pepper and salt.

Here I made a stir-fried version of noodles without gravy. But you can make a version of the sauce by adding broth or a little water.


The next step after the spices are sauteed until fragrant, add the noodles.


Cook the noodles on medium heat, while stirring constantly stirring so they don't burn.

Cook for about 3 minutes so that the texture of the noodles is not destroyed because the noodles from natural flour are very soft.


Then lift the noodles, and ready to be enjoyed in a warm state.


You can add garnishes according to your taste.

This is my favorite recipe because it is very easy to make and really super economical because to make noodles only requires flour and eggs.


Stay Healthy

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