Happy Monday From My Work Space

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I always believe that decorating a room is an investment activity for ourselves. That's because the arrangement of the room can create comfort.

From the matter of comfort we can get many things such as inspiration, and good productivity. That's why I call decoration a special investment for creative workers who are easily bored and stressed.


The plants that a few months ago I planted using water planting media, they grow well and have spread beautifully.

I will share a photo of my work space a few months ago and the difference now.





I deliberately chose plants that were suitable for breeding in water to facilitate maintenance so that I didn't need to water them often. I just need to monitor the amount of water in the vase.


It really feels very happy to have a work space that has green plants in it even though the work space is small and very simple.


In addition to setting greenery, my work space also has large windows that connect indoor and outdoor areas.


Outdoor areas are fields and wild forests.

In the morning and afternoon, I could hear the sweet sounds of birds chirping. It is natural music that is worthy of being grateful compared to if we were in the city and hearing vehicle noise.

Happy Monday, Good Hivers!


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Looking so beautiful, Happy Monday dear.

Thanks for sharing your experience with us!

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