Buy 1 Get 1 Takeaway Coffee

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The most pleasant surprise is getting a free voucher for food or beverage purchases.

So today when I shopping for monthly household needs, I got one coffee voucher at Maxx Coffee.


It could say that Maxx Coffee is the Indonesian version of Starbuck. But of course with some local adjustments.


But the voucher is not completely free. So I have to buy anyone a variant coffee menu in order to get one free coffee.


Then I chose Vanilla Latte, as always my favorite hot coffee.


For free coffee, I chose Iced Vanilla Latte. For my mother.


Because the corona pandemic is not over yet, so the coffee I ordered must also be taken from the place to be taken away.


Here are two cups of coffee that I take away today. One for me and one for the ice version is for my mother.

It's worth being thankful for even getting only 1 cup for free.

I paid around 2.8 USD for a medium cup of coffee and got another cup of coffee. That's quite worth it because Maxx Coffee offers a coffee flavor that you can remember the pleasure.


All pictures are original my own properties, taken with iPhone 11


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