I also was WEDNESDAY ADDAMS when I was a young girl /Fan Art+Storytelling by Alejandra Her

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When we weren't pretty, we were Wednesday.

I grew up in a small town, one of those in the countryside that are everywhere, those towns that are a common place in the world. Subscription TV was just getting popular, so I only had about 5 TV channels to choose from to watch. These channels always repeated the same movies, and it was great for me as a child, because I could watch my favorite movies over and over again.

The Addams Family was one of them. Together, with my siblings we sat down to laugh. How much violence on TV for children of my time!
However, I loved this family and everything that involved: A loving and passionate couple, and a family different from the society around them.

I wasn't pretty, or at least I didn't feel pretty. I was different from what could be considered cute on TV, and therefore, in the society in which I developed. Because I wasn't pretty I became Wednesday Addams. It worked for me: I liked reading, I liked music, I didn't know how to dance and I was shy.

What didn't know at that time was that being Wednesday was also being pretty. But those things happen.

I share a Fan art of my favorite disruptive family. I hope you enjoy it.

The Fan Art Process







See you in my next post.

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