Trip to Três Fojos Sagrados - Santa Justa | Portugal

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It was not today, nor was it yesterday, it was one of these days that we went for another walk along one of the trails through the Santa Justa mountain range that we have been doing lately when we took the opportunity to leave the house and walk on the hill.
This trail is very good because we can walk for a few kilometers and return to the starting point without having to do the same way back as it is a circular circuit.




On the way we passed by some fojos "pitfalls" that are along the side of the road and that served as i explained in previous posts, for gold mining by the Roman empire several centuries ago.
Many of these fojos would serve to take oxygen to the various underground galleries and paths, and this time, looking for a little more in the middle of the vegetation, it was possible to find new perforations that are not visible from the path.
Many of them are now authentic water wells, which makes me believe that many of these galleries are now submerged.





Ahead and arriving at the point of the path that connects with the path that we use to return to the starting point and that at the same time is used by lovers of mountain biking, and on this day unlike the previous ones when we didn't find anyone, this time we met two cyclists who crossed the path in a jump to go down and go back up and then go down again ... Their idea was to practice that jump.




We went up the path before returning and decided to take a walk through the 3 sacred fojos, 3 cavities that are in the same place where we can find the famous fojo das Pombas.





These 3 cavities are below and have an underground connection to the main Fojo, in fact, all this land is full of caves, underground corridors, fojos, galleries, simply an authentic amusement park for those who like these dark, humid, cool and dark environments.
From here it was always going down to the starting point.




That´s all for today :)


See you soon
Thank you for watching :)

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Are you allowed to go outside these days in Portugal?

Hi @themonetaryfew
Yes, we can go outside to practice strictly necessary activities and also to exercise or take your kids for a little walk as long as you stay away from other people. In my case i go with my wife and daughter to the forest just to stretch and breath some fresh air.

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