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This quarantine life gave us all opportunities to finish up postponed tasks and focus on personal stuff. I've been neglecting some of it as well and introduced bad habits over the past years, so this was the perfect time to reset and start fresh.

With so little movement available, I turned to yoga these days for some easy stretching and warming up the body. I always feel good and energized after finishing the practice and prefer it over some heavy exercises and too much exertion.

A bit of freshly squeezed orange/grapefruit juice. I've done a few days of liquid fast and now generally eat just fruits and veggies together with herbal teas to clean out built up toxins.

Now that the days are warm and beautiful I spend most of the time outside, in the yard, playing with my cat, reading or just sitting peacefully in sunshine and nature. It can be so enjoyable when you aren't so busy and can actually appreciate it.

I got back to my reading. So many books bought over the years are waiting on the shelves and are finally getting their turn. Currently reading some Serbian historic fiction and also listening audiobooks when it's more convenient. Murakami's The Wind-Up Bird Chronicle is looking great so far.

Enjoyable sunset from my terrace this evening. I also use this time to get back to sungazing. It's a wonderful practice of looking directly at the sun in the safe hours, that also has many health benefits (make sure to do it safely if you try it).

I finish my day usually watching some light movies, TV shows or, as you can see here, playing Smite.


I think these types of days are by far my favorite. I know this may sound odd, but I've lived in my own form of "self imposed" quarantine throughout my life. Months, years in isolation. And currently realizing it in some ways, or waking up to just how much it impacts my life. When everything is available, whenever. You take things for granted.

I love the new yoga poses! I am trying to do more yoga myself. <3

I totally get it! Unlike you, I was obsessed with taking every available moment to go outside and do street photography. This quarantine helped me realize it's not something I have to do all the time and that staying home/isolation has many other benefits. So yeah, this "pause" from normal life will help many to rethink their priorities and not take things for granted. :)
Btw, still haven't checked out Hive? It's where most of the fun is now. You can post on both chains for more visibility and decide where to settle later.

yes! its shifting everyone awake in one way or another! No. I need too.

Also what happened? Why did the community split? Justin Sun? I am sorry I am so out of the loop. Is there a good article?

Certainly no one is innocent in the whole drama that happened but here is one description of events worth reading. :)
Try hive.blog/@laurabell if hive.blog is not working. Or you can use peakd.com. The keys are same as on steem. Let me know if you need any help.

hive.blog/@laurabell did not work. I got on peakd -- and I am assuming I just log in? Awesome! I am going to read the article now :) Thanks! Looking forward to reconnecting with the community.

Yes, you can use peakd the same way (and login with peaklock or hivesigner). See you there! :)

Yay. I'll see you on there.

Beautiful book. Hope the story is good, too. In Tallin, where I currently live, it's not forbidden to walk and run outside, provided that you keep distance from other people. However, the weather today leaves much to be desired. Looking forward to may when this madness ends. I distract myself playing the piano and Starcraft.

It's very entertaining as it combines our myths and history with a touch of epic fantasy.
I envy you, it's the best solution to let people walk outside but teach them about keeping distance. Here is martial law - for example from this Friday till Tuesday it won't be allowed to walk outside. -.- It's a madness. This psychopath president of ours is using the blown out hysteria for his dirty work.

Hvala! :) Jesi li overila hive.blog? Vecina se prebacila tamo nakon forka.

Bas mi rece drugarica, prelazim tamo :) vidimo se :)

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