Harley in the city - DC Comics - Traditional Drawing

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Harley Quinn


Hey guys, for today's post I bring you a comic book style drawing of Harley Quinn with her hyenas; in principle for this drawing I only had in mind to make the character of harley and make it a much easier background, but little by little ideas came to me and looking for references here and there I decided to add more elements to them.

I confess that when I finished making the sketch I felt very proud since normally I am not able to draw so many things in the same drawing, but it also feels a little intimidating since inking all of this is quite complicated and very long, but then several hours divided into days I have managed to finish it, although I am not entirely happy since taking the photo the ink looks different from how it looks in reality but I think I have fixed it a little with editing, and that's all for This drawing, below you will find all the images of the process and I hope you like it 😁


Pencil sketch ✏️



Outline ✒️


Inking ✒️



Finished drawing ✒️


Reference images



Thank you very much for viewing this post, see you next time 😄

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