Athena Asamiya - They king of Fighters

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Hey, how are you friends of steemit, for today I bring you this drawing of the famous fighter from the king of Fighters saga, and it is Athena, the psychic idol, I have used this character a lot in the video game and I have also seen a few manga so it is one of my favorites and with a pretty good life plot since its inception, as for drawing the truth is that it has been something quite fast since I had the sketch and since I spent almost a month without drawing I wanted recover feelings doing something simple, as always I leave the images of the process and I hope you like it 😊

Athena Asamiya



Pencil sketch ✏️


Outline ✒️


Finished drawing ✒️


Reference image

Google images

Thank you very much for viewing this post, see you next time 😄

Diseño sin título 1.gif

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