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Hope you all are well. I am good too. Now what I want to write about is beautiful butterflies . i am photographer and That's why I'm writing about this relationship in detail. Hope you all enjoy...


The earth is full of beauty. And these plants play the most important role behind this beauty. I love these pictures. So I shared with you. Hope you like it. I went to many places and the pictures were collected from there. I'm a photographer and that's my job. I am proud to have taken these pictures.

Many things play a vital role in beautifying the earth. That is the topic I am discussing today. It's beautiful butterflies. At beautiful butterflies everyone really likes it. This is a time of great joy and enjoyment. Me and some of my friends went for a long walk and it was evening. When evening came, we collected some pictures from there. Which I am bringing to you. I love to take these pictures. The beautiful butterflies is actually beautiful. Makes everyone's mind better.

The surrounding beautiful butterflies and the environment play an important role in the natural beauty.Bangladesh is a unique Everyone goes around this place and it becomes very interesting to see the place at night.

some of my friends, made many appearances there and ate some tea and coffee on it. The atmosphere is really nice. I feel so proud to be walking around these places.


Butterflies is really beautiful. This is the place you will go to in a beautiful village pond. Can't say which is a lot of fun. I have visited this place many times before. Every time I go to this place, my mind gets better.

There are some features to make the beauty beautiful. For some example,

  • It is so nice to see nature in the evening time . And this nature is good for many.They survive by eating different kinds of food in the environment.
  • The magnificent autumn horizons are a combination of elaborate vegetation, the arrival of birds and birds on the shore, the delusion of softness falling on everything
  • Many people are busy decorating nature and their efforts make us beautiful.Many of which are so beautiful to look at that make our mind uplifted and energized.

As beautiful as it looks, the mind is deluded.Nature has played an important role in the beauty of her flowers, fruits, butterflies and different kinds of animals.There are many types of animals around the world.


They are the most preferred flower honey. It is nice to see butterflies that they live by eating honey.Everyone in the world, from small to large, likes to see butterflies and tries hard to catch them. Only then do When the butterfly sits on the swelling, all the people see the scene.

There are several tapye, Many species are very different to see.Some species are brown, yellow, green and many more.Nature butterflies and flowers are present in all areas of our lives. Role of friends by playing flowers in socio-cultural and economic fields.

A beautiful butterflies contribution to the balance of the environment is immense. In the life of nature, the release of the soul, the dynamics of nature, the Leela of nature takes place in everyone's mind.So, the importance of it is immense.


The world is called the treasure of physical beauty. These plants played a major role in the color of each region, with their color being colored. Bangladesh is a country of great beauty. The flowers, fruits, and birds are so beautiful to see in this country. They make nature beautiful and attractive.

The thing I want to highlight today is the beautiful butterflies and plants next to our house. They are so beautiful to see, you can't think. Nature needs more in our lives today.The great need today is to eliminate the tedious boredom and to bring a wealth of diversity into the imaginative eye.

Reality is swallowing life today. In such a state the beauty of heaven is found in the varied beauty of the season.

So, ultimately natural beauty plays a very important role in our mind and health. It is our responsibility and responsibility to preserve this natural environment.

I hope you have enjoyed all the pictures and my blog...

LOVE FROM @ahmed05

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