Ways to Use Social Media that is Good and Wise

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In this day and age, who does not have a social media account? Previously, maybe we have only known Friendster or Facebook, but nowadays, there have been many social media choices with different functions. There are places to share videos like Youtube, share pictures like Instagram, chat places like Whatsapp, share posts on micro blogs like Twitter, and many more.

With the proliferation of social media today, the impact is easier for us to get and share information quickly and cheaply. Because indeed one of the functions of social media is to facilitate daily human activities.

Addiction to using social media occurs in various age groups, not only young people and teenagers, but children to parents now are also addicted to using social media.

This equalization may be due to the use of smartphones and internet phones is not something that is difficult to find anymore. Unlike the past, gadgets and the internet are items that are only used in certain circles.

Then, talk about what the impact is. Yes, almost everything must have their respective effects, as well as the use of social media. The impact will arise depending on how individuals or groups use social media itself. Well actually there are some benefits and good impacts if we use social media positively, among others.

Here are some this tips for social media users, hopefully will be useful:

  • Add Friends

Social Media can be used as a place to expand our network of friends.

  • Place to Communicate

Social Media can be used as a place to communicate wherever and whenever.

  • Sharing Place

Social media can be used as a place to share, be it sharing vent, outpouring, sharing stories, or sharing knowledge.

  • Knowledgeable

Socially unknowingly makes us smarter, the more information we get, the more knowledgeable we get.

  • Opinion Place (Opinion)

If you face to face, maybe you feel shy, afraid, and nervous to express opinions. But on social media, we are free to express all our opinions without having to deal directly.

  • Be Yourself

Maybe in the real world, you are tired of being someone who is not yourself, now on social media, you can freely be whatever you like, even be yourself.

Now those are some of the good benefits of social media.

But we have to understand, if there are good benefits there will also be bad benefits caused by social media, among others:

  • Hoax and Defamation are Rampant

With the mushrooming of information on social media, this is used by a handful of groups and individuals to spread false news with a specific purpose and purpose.

  • Many Cloned Accounts

The biggest social media today, Facebook, announced in early 2018 that most Facebook users have clones and fake accounts. The percentage of duplicate accounts is 10%, and fake accounts are 4% of Facebook's monthly active users.

  • Lots of Spies

The most annoying thing on social media is "spying". It can be by a spouse or boyfriend, family, to office people, with specific goals and purposes. This makes our privacy a little disturbed.

  • Addicted

With a variety of current features on social media will increasingly make you addicted. Especially if you don't update it for just a day, you might be the value of someone who is out of date.

  • Emergence of Crimes

Not everyone is good on social media. There have been many cases of irresponsible people using social media to commit crimes, such as fraud.

Now from the various positive and negative benefits above, it makes us understand a little about the effects of using social media. But to avoid negative things that are not desired.

The following are ways and tips for using social media well and wisely (HOW TO USE SOCIAL MEDIA Wisely).

  • Friendship Filter

Almost all social media have features to filter who can be friends and follow us. For example on Instagram, you can activate private account mode. This will limit the information that can be accessed publicly about yourself.

  • Post a reasonable profile photo

Photos are the first thing other people will see, in addition to identifying your account, photos can also cause other people to easily assess yourself. For example when you put up a photo that is uncomfortable to look at, then imagine what other people have in mind about the photo.

Not only profile photos, photos that you share on social media will also be. It could be people who are not responsible for storing your photos, and used for things that are not good.

  • Think Duhulu before Making Status

This might look simple but it has quite an impact on ourselves. Most of us do not seem to think ahead of time what we want to write on the status of social media, or language because "from the speak out frankly". It could be that your status can be offensive or even hurt the feelings of others, of course this is not good for us to do.

So before making a status, think first "What do you want to write, what is the purpose, and what are the effects". Do not until your status backfires on your own in the future.

  • Publish Unlimited Information, Don't Be Personal

Providing information about self-identity is felt to be no problem. But it will be a problem if you provide information that is very personal. Such as telephone numbers, home addresses, and other important information.

Not teaching negative thinking, but this important information could be a gap that can be used by people who are not responsible for committing crime.

  • Wisely Share Content

We can assume that everything on social media is 100 percent content, both video, status, and images, all of which include content as well. Now from that, have you ever shared other people's content on your social media? the answer might have been.

If ever. Maybe you should be wiser to share content on social media going forward. Because if you actually share negative content, for example, profaganda, racism, racism, treason, and so on. you might appear to agree, support or acknowledge the content.

Instead of sharing content that is not clear, you better share content that is positive, for example content that can educate, or content that can increase knowledge.

  • Wisely Choosing Information That Get

Lots of information that we will get on social media. And do not rule out the possibility. half of the information we get is hoax information. Therefore, it is selective to sort out information on social media. Do not easily trust information whose source is unclear.

  • Don't Show Off

One of the most annoying things on social media is when we see someone making a status that seems to show off. Yes, occasionally showing off is also no problem, sometimes sharing all achievements and achievements with the intention of motivating others is also a positive thing.

But that positive thing might turn negative if the word "show off" gives the impression of being condescending to others, looks arrogant, and looks most special himself. Yes, maybe those people in their lives get very little "Praise", or maybe their lives are unhappy so looking for happiness in the "Virtual" world.

No need to force yourself to get recognition from others, because people who truly sincerely love you do not need all of these confessions. Therefore, avoid making statuses that seem willing to show off.

  • Don't Oversharing / Spamming

Make the impression to your social media friends that you are not a "trash" person. Although we all have the right to post anything on social media, but if it's too oversharing "everything that is done must be said of all", maybe that is not good. Because it will make you no longer attractive in the eyes of others. Do not let you be labeled as "lebay".

And again, do not think when you see the porch of someone who looks lonely as "grave" that there is nothing special that they can share. Because it could be that life in the "real" world is happier than the "virtual" world. So, avoid Oversharing and Spamming.

  • Always Have Ethics When Interacting at Social Media

Next is maintaining ethics when interacting on social media. Among us may often give comments on a post on social media. Well if yes, try to comment is still in a reasonable corridor. Avoid teasing and respecting the feelings of others, then, don't have to say harsh words, even if you don't know each other. That's because your comments will be seen by the public.

  • Interactions Needed Only

Limit interaction on social media as needed, whether it's comments, conversations, or giving a like. Respect the privacy of others, it's better we "just know enough" than to make others feel uncomfortable.

I hope that readers will support my first posts in respect with this tip, and I hope this tip is useful / useful for all social media users..

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