Harmful insect locust

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One of the most widely discussed insect species in Chia is the locust. It is a harmful insect that destroys it completely by eating crops especially in the field. Today I will give you some details about this locust insect. Many of you may have already heard the news about this insect in various news outlets, but today I will put all that news together and give some ideas about the insect as my own.

The locust is a species of grasshopper. The locks of the locust destroyed the crops of huge crops of land after the field was inundated. A ferry of 1 million insects can feed 35,000 people a day. In the Holy Qur'an, the Bible, and various scriptures, these insect attacks have been referred to as punishment by the creator. One of the wonderful behaviors in the rest of the world's animal world is the flock of locusts. No other animal in the world has such a large group like locusts and does not appear so fast.

The difference between locusts and grasshoppers is that the grasshoppers live alone. And the locusts stand in thickness. The locust is not as harmful as it is alone, but when the locust becomes a large group in a very special condition, it becomes very frightening. With the change of special weather, the locust of the locust tends to grow faster and faster. In the first case there is no locust tendency to fly. Whenever the team turns it into one, it is a tendency to fly among themselves and they invade any area on the bus. If locusts invade, they will stay in that area for as long as there is a crop to eat, and when their food is out, they leave it themselves. No effective measures have been discovered so far to prevent the outbreak of this deadly insect.The locust egg is usually thought to have many years in the ground. It is assumed that a locust egg is not easy to spoil so it can stay up to 20 years. And in the first place, the locusts do not get up, and they take profits, and it takes three to four weeks for a locust to mature, after which a locust eats twice as much food in its own body. The locusts rely on the air to fly from the same place to the other, especially as the air flows towards J, they fly right there. As one changes from one place to another, new ones join the other team. That is, a group of locusts can expand up to 65 km in a large group of locusts. This huge group of locusts eat everything for their food, especially the leaves of the trees as they walk.

At present, locusts have appeared in some parts of the continent, especially in the end of 2019, and as a result, they have destroyed crops especially in Somalia and Kenya. It is thought that the locusts that are currently harvesting different crops are born in the Ethiopian Somali desert and they are born there and spread to different African countries. This locust was invaded by Pakistan at the end of the 21st. Several areas of Pakistan, especially Sindh Punjab, invaded the locust, and the locusts again attacked India and attacked some parts of India. A UN report says global food shortages can occur in a short time if locust infestation cannot be prevented. Moreover, this locust is especially present in about 30 countries on the continent of Africa. It is constantly increasing day by day.





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