What do you know about steem Witness?

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This topic is not new in the blog, but even with that, it is still going to be new in some Users’ ears. Sadly, a lot of users still don’t have any knowledge about it, but I think it is very important to give attention to it.

To save my soul from much explanation I am going to make a general explanation on this topic, this might be a very long piece with valuable information. Feel free to use It as a reference in case you want to help someone.

I will also make some reference to other publications, there will be a workshop on how to carry out this task.
I am simply talking about witnesses and how to vote for a witness on the steemit blog.

Who is a Steem Witness?

A Steem witness basically is the one securing the blockchain, managing transactions, and making the consensus between the different nodes. These ones collectively decide on the version of steem that is running, they run the Steem server 24/7. Technically these ones are miners.

Why should you vote for Witnesses?

First of all, you need to understand that it is expensive to run a witness here in the blog, It cost a lot of money, time, and energy… and so as a result Witnesses need votes from users so that they can climb the rankings and get more Steem Power back, which can pay for their server costs monthly. Without them, there is no Steem blockchain and you don't earn Rewards, think about that.

If you don’t Vote for them, It can prevent some newer Witnesses to drop out from their rank because they don't have enough funds to pay for the server they are working with, especially when the value of Steem is low.

Most of these witnesses have contributed a lot to the platform, and most of them have created some useful tools that are beneficial to all. Most have delegated to other users, fund projects on Steem and even upvote authors and curators. These are all for development.

Many of the great services we use across the platform have been developed by witnesses. Here are a few examples below:

The list goes on. If you like a tool that has been developed, you can support it by giving its creator a witness vote. If you appreciate their contribution when it comes to development, you can as well give a witness vote to these ones.

Voting a witness doesn’t cost you anything trust me, It’s not taking any of your assets and you have the opportunity to vote 30 different witnesses on Steem.

It would be wise to also note that voting for a known and trusted witness is the best and will contribute positively to the blog, whereas If you vote for a bad witness, it will affect the blog Negatively.

How can you Vote for a witness?

This part is very important. Most Users don’t know how to vote for a witness. Some call it a scam because they don’t understand how a witness work, perhaps they didn’t understand the concept of achievement 6 tasks.

Below are the simple steps to vote for a witness. I will be using @pennsif.witness in this short tutorial, I have my reasons and you can read them here......

Step 1

Step 2

Step 3

Step 4

Step 4

Step 5

The above steps can be taken to vote for any witness of your choice, there are other ways to vote too. For example, another way to vote for @pennsif.witness is by clicking this link below and following the prompt messages:


Once you click that, It will request your active keys, Just put It and proceed, that's all.

Should you face any difficulty in following the above process, please feel free to reach out with the following details below:

Discord: ubongudofot#9499

Telegram: Cantact Me

Vote for @pennsif.witness and @steemwow

Vote for @pennsif.witnessVote for @steemwow

vote for @pennsif.witness and @steemwow on steemit wallet- https://steemitwallet.com/~witnesses

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Nice post bro, it is important to mention that if you use your witness votes there will be a more secured blockchain by the community.

Let’s suppose in the whole blockchain there is 3 millions SP and a witness has 1 Million approving him. He is having 33.3% of the approbation, but what happens if a whale with 1.5 Million votes for a bad witness? The whale can move up a bad user giving 50% and controlling the blockchain. So while more people use their witness votes they will be protecting the whole chain by giving more stronger position to trusted witnesses. Witnesses protect the integrity of the information but community protect the whole system here😎

This is very right!
But another point are the votes for nonactive witnesses. These votes are lost. Have you seen how many "witnesses" are in the top 100 and haven't produced a block in a very long time? There are quite a few.
Users should therefore regularly check their votes and see if the witnesses still maintain an active infrastructure.

 last year 

Another good point! thank you for mentioning this as well. It is very important to give consideration to this point.

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Thank you for this useful additional Information. This will create more enlightenment for users who really want to know more about Steem witness.

Very nice, great explained, good job 👍

 last year 

Thank you so much for appreciating...

Indeed this post is very lucid. I remember I saw the witness thing some years ago and started voting on it anyhow. I didn't have enough knowledge on how it worked. I asked a lot of steemians I presume will have a knowledge about it but they were all confused. I left it then. Not long ago I was asked to vote @pennsif as a witness and it became a problem again. With the help of you @ubongudofot I got to know and did the necessary voting. On the blockchain, we learn from others. It is good that gradually we are getting there. I am so much happy with your post to educate steemians on how to vote a witness. In fact, you are doing a wonderful job to help activities on the blockchain. This to me is very lucid. Witness work isn't easy. I therefore entreat everyone to support witnesses that are helping so much on the blockchain. A big thank you to @pennsif. Thank you to you @ubongudofot for this post. In my language we say "Ayekoo" which means I wish you well. Steem on friend.

 last year 

I am glad the publication can be useful, thank you and please do well to consider the points made by @alejos7ven and @moecki in the comment section, they are very important.

Thank you so much friend. Well noted

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Thank you so much for featuring my article...

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Thank you very much for your support..

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