Steemit Engagement Challenge 2 | Steem4Nigeria Contest | Welcome Mr. President: We need a Manifesto from you, What should we Expect?

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Hi great friends, I want to specially welcome everyone as we start the journey into the second season of the "Steemit Engagement Challenge" in our noble community "Steem4nigeria". We sincerely appreciate your efforts thus far in making sure we all grow together on the platform given to your delegations, setting Beneficiary Reward to #steem4nigera as well as your thoughtful engagements. Therefore we hope the engagement challenge would further bond us together as we expect great entries from all of us. Just as we earlier mentioned in one of our posts tagged "ARE YOU READY" for the challenge as we are already all out to handle all of your entries. It's time to roll out our very first and fresh contest for the week.

(Designed in Canva)

Welcome Mr. President: We need a manifesto from you, What can we expect from you?

There is no doubt that most of us must have nursed our political ambition and as well wished to change the narratives if given the opportunity to serve in our different countries of origin as well as in an international capacity. Given to the challenges inherent in different countries as well as their peculiarities, there should be a clear-cut plan on how best to handle most of these crises. For example, the Invasion of Ukraine has brought about some economic and political tension amongst countries with a trajectory spike of inflation in most developing, under-developing, and Developed countries.

To others, they have been high-level insecurity that comes with the loss of human lives seen to acts of terrorism, banditry, and kidnapping activities. In some cases, life investments and properties are destroyed living her victims with no means of survival. All these troubles put together and even more, should be able to give any citizen the propensity to think outside the box so as to come up with a life-changing manifesto to salvage the situation, hence our contest for the week "WELCOME MR. PRESIDENT: WE NEED A MANIFESTO FROM YOU, WHAT CAN WE EXPECT FROM YOU?".

You have just picked up an interest to become the next president of your country. It's manifestos time, what should we expect from you

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Contest Hints

  • Users are expected to analyze the current state of the country.
  • Why do you think you will be suitable for the position of a president
  • Identify the most pressing problems that you citizens are facing and try to proffer solutions to them
  • Do you have any innovations you are bringing in?.

Steem4Nigeria- 4.png

Contest Guidelines and Rewards

  • Write an article on the subject with at least 300 words and post it in this community.
  • Endeavor to subscribe to the community and follow our official account @steem4nigeria.
  • Leave reasonable comments on at least three entries from other participants.
  • Use the tag #steem4nigeria-s2w1, #steemexclusive and club status in the first three tags. Invite at least three of your friends by mentioning them in your comment on this post and at the bottom of your entry.
  • 15 STEEM would be shared between the top 3 winners.
  • Write quality content to stand out and also to be suitable for support. The contest ends on the 12th of June 2022.

Steem4Nigeria- 4.png


In conclusion, Just as we are ready to handle the large entries that would come from our potential presidents, we do hope you dish out great and plagiarism-free articles for the benefit of all concerned. Let's see your creativity on this and we wish you success. Thank you.

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 2 years ago 

Buen día comunidad.

A pesar de la caída de la plataforma que me hizo perder un día del desafío, acá estoy hoy colocando en la red mi participacion en la primera semana de la segunda temporada del desafío y en esta oportunidad en esta comunidad.

Espero estar a la altura de las circunstancias.

Hasta la proxima...

 2 years ago 

Wow am Mrs president lol, my entry is loading.

Dear, Mrs. President 😊. We anticipate your entry. Best of luck.

 2 years ago 

Thank you

Hahaha, nice to hear that, Mrs President. Hope to get glued to your entry.

 2 years ago 

Sure uploading soon

@steem4nigeria, thank you for your wonderful contest theme. Can you pin this post so everyone can see your contest?
Good luck to everyone!

I am glad that you love the theme of the contest and thanks for the observation, we have pinned the article. Thank you.

Hmmm. A contest that will bring about a mind blowing solutions to the current problem of our respective state/country.

I cant wait to submit my entry.

You are right, @olabillions, many participants would come up with different ways they think the country can be liberated from one or a few downsides of the nation at the moment. It's definitely going to reveal the creativity in people. We look forward to seeing your entry. Thank you.

You wont wait too long on that.
Steem on boss

Exactly, we are all waiting to read from your entry.

You wont wait too long i promise

 2 years ago 

Muchos son los cambios que se requieren hacer en nuestro país, ya estaré preparando mi participación.
Les deseamos suerte en el evento y muchas participaciones.

Thank you, @fjjrg. We look forward to receiving your entry.

 2 years ago 

My country as it stands now has a lot things to say about it. And we really need a change. If am giving the opportunity to become the next president. I must do something. But you will read about it in my entry.

It's great to hear that you have a lot in mind. We would be waiting to read it in your entry into the contest. Good luck, @chichieze.

 2 years ago 

Thanks so much Sir, my entry is loading

Hope to read from your great strategies to put in place if Mr President, @chichieze

 2 years ago 

Alright, my entry is loading

Es obvio que necesitamos un cambio, veré que puedo hacer.

Great! Let's see that innovation in your entry. I wish you the best.

 2 years ago 

A challenge where we will meet many future presidents. I loved the theme of the challenge.

Thank you for dropping bye. Hope to see you participate.

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