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Hello fellow steemians, greetings to you all, how are you people doing, i hope you all are doing great, also i welcome you all to the month of June happy new month to you all, i am so delighted to be here today, to participate in this unique contest, which is titled Financial Recap for the last 7/30 Days.


It's an awesome topic, because i believe we all will learn from it, especially how to make a good, budget before carrying out an expenditure, because it's very easy to spend money, we can easily withdraw our steem, convert it to Fiat currency, then spend it very easy, but making the cash is very difficult, it's hard to gain Steem so i believe we all will learn from this amazing contest on how to spend logically.

Before i proceed on let me briefly explain the meaning, of Financial Recap for the last 7/30 Days to the best of my knowledge, it's simply means how we spend our money within a month or week.

Every given questions in the contest is well explained base on my understanding, using a very simplify terminologies to facilitate every steemians understand, cheers as you read on.

How many days have you chosen for a recap of your Finances, 7 or 30 days? The period from the starting date to the end of the days under consideration must be highlighted.

I have chosen 30 days for the recap of my finances, reasons been that i have not, done any power up in this month of June, so the recap of my financial spending will be from last month, that is from the 1st of May to the end of May 30.

I have not made any withdrawal of my Steem this month so using 7 days recap of my finances, will not be ideal, for me the 30 days recap is more favorable to me, because i have the record of my expenditure, i could remembered the last withdrawal i made all were in the month of May that was from 1 to 30

What are the things you have spent on during the period? It can be food items, investments, new devices, and so on.

I could remembered, i made three times withdrawal of my Steem last month of May, i power up half of my Steem because of my club status, club5050, so i withdraw about 40 Steem , after powering up half of my Steem, i transfer the remaining ones in to my Roqqu wallet, then to my bank account where i finally withdraw the cash.


I bought a lot of nice things with the money i made from Steem, i could remembered i went to one shop an bought big loaf of bread.

Cabin biscuits

I could remembered that i bought three packet of cabin biscuits, for my younger siblings especially for Rosemary, that is still in nursing school, all the three withdrawal i made i bought biscuits, for Rosemary my younger sister half of the money went on food, that's bread and biscuits.

Creams and perfumes

The remaining balance went on other items, I almost forgot, i could also remembered how i spent the remaining cash besides the food stuff, i went to a shopping centre located at old Enugu road, kpirikpi here in Abakaliki an bought items such as
body cream, hair cream, and perfume.

Include the prices of the items in local currency and estimate in STEEM. Receipts for some would be great, not compulsory anyway.

Itemsprice in nairaprice in steemimage
1 loaf of bread5003.3IMG_20220602_193636_4.jpg
3 packet of cabin biscuits150010IMG_20220602_193626_9.jpg
body cream.4503IMG_20220603_155847_2.jpg
hair cream5503.6IMG_20220603_155725_6.jpg

Yes it's true some items price seems to be higher than others because goods are expensive in the market, also i bought three packet of cabin biscuits at the rate of 500naira so all products have their different prices

Have you made mistakes in the finances above? Or are there any unplanned bills that surfaced?

No i did not make a mistake in the finances above because i kept an accurate record of my last 30days financial expenditure record in my diary. So the finances record above is correct.

There are unplanned bills that surface, because i did not actually planned to spend half of my Cash on just bread and biscuits, but i did it out of love for my younger sister Rosemary.

So that means half of my finances went on food stuff, it was not a plan budget because i plan of doing other things with the money, then i plain to refill my cooking gas and pay for my electricity bill.

But now NEPA people have disconnected the cable that supply electric current to my house, so am currently a debtors that has not paid for his electricity bill, all because of unplanned budget then that i had the money, my thoughts went on food stuff, especially the persistent cry of my younger sister, to always buy her bread and biscuits.

What have you learned in the process, positive or negative? How do you plan to keep achieving the positivity in your finances or how to avoid such negativities in the future?

I have really learn through the hard way because currently i have no NEPA light in my house, i always pay money to power up ( charge ) my phone and laptop, so i have learn how to plan my financial budget very well, before i will make any expenditure, i will settled first for my most valuable needs , which is called scale of preference in Economics.

Also i have plans to achieve the positivity by always thinking logically before spending, not to spend money unnecessary because i want to impress my sister, before spending any money i will ensure i make a budget first, an settle my pressing and most precious need at the moment, so as to avoid debts.

Finally for me to avoid, negativity in the future is to have a plan budget at hand i will ensure i spend for the services or commodities that are my pressing need or demand.

25% of this post reward goes to @null


My regards goes to @ngoenyi for organizing this wonderful contest, it's an interesting one because i have learn how to make a good budget before any expenditure so as to avoid debts, and to always settled for my most valuable needs or services ( scale of preference).

Also i want to thank this great community @steem4nigeria for giving Nigeria steemians the privilege to share they different Recap of their finances.

I want to to specially invite @reminiscene and @fredquantum and @goodybest to come and participate in this contest.

Thanks you all for viewing my post

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Hi dear, thanks for your entry. Please, you will need to start upvoting your fellow steemians with upvotes so that you can increase your voting CSI which is currently zero percent

 2 years ago 

Thank you ma for the correction, i will do that right away

You have a good spending habit, taking into account the review of 7days finances, on my part i spend a little more than this because of my bad spending habit. Best of luck

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