Contest alert 🚨: Shattered; The Impact of Broken Promises

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Hello everyone, welcome to my blog, I trust you're all doing splendidly. I'm absolutely delighted to join this contest and engage with such esteemed participants. I appreciate @sahmie for hosting this contest.

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What is a promise? Give three (3) common reasons why promises are broken.

A promise, it's like this genuine pact b/w people. It's the kind of commitment that stems from trust and understanding. Now, let's talk about why promises often hit the rocks. Life, being the unpredictable rollercoaster it is, throws unforeseen challenges, making it tough to stick to our word. Then there's the sincerity factor sometimes folks don't fully mean what they promise, whether it's due to external pressures or just a lack of genuine intention. Lastly, as time marches on, priorities shift like sand beneath our feet. What felt so important and promise worthy yesterday might take a backseat today. It's a delicate interplay of life's twists, genuine intentions, and evolving perspectives that can sometimes lead promises astray, not always due to ill intentions, but simply because life has its own way of unfolding.


Have you ever experienced a broken promise? How did it make you feel?

Experiencing a broken promise hit me hard. I had this deep connection with someone, my rock, my love. When she left, it was like my world got flipped upside down, and chaos set in. The aftermath feels like this never-ending struggle. The hurt from a broken promise, especially from someone you thought would always be there, cuts deep. It's more than just disappointment; it's a profound sense of loss. Moving forward feels like climbing a mountain, and the pain is a constant companion. Trust has taken a serious hit, and commitment feels like a fragile concept. It's not just about the broken promise, it's about rebuilding a life that was shattered.


How do you handle broken promises? Do you confront the person or let it go?

Honestly, I just choose to let it be. When someone breaks a promise, there's a part of me that believes theyy must've had their reasons. I'm not big on confrontation, it doesn't sit right with me. Letting go is my way of holding onto my inner peace, of moving forward without carrying the heavy load of unresolved issues. It's not about condoning broken promises, it's more about accepting that life can throw curveballs. Giving myself the grace to release those unmet expectations is a form of self care, a way to create space for personal growth beyond the pain.


Do you believe that some promises are meant to be broken? Why or why not?

I just don't see it that way, I don't think promises are meant to be broken. The real deal is in the honesty nd dedication that comes with making a promise. Every promise is like a little piece of trust, and that sincerity is what makes it matter. Sure, life can throw us some curveballs, but saying promises are destined to be broken kind of undermines their whole point. It's in the effort to stick to our word, face challenges, and adapt that promises truly mean something. It's not about fate or some unavoidable destiny, it's about the choices we make to stand by what we say.


What steps can be taken to rebuild trust after a promise has been broken?

Rebuilding trust is like trying to mend a precious vase that got shattered. Start by having a heart to heart, a real talk where everything's on the table. Apologies should feel like a heartfelt conversation, not just a string of words. Actions, though, they're the glue that binds it all together they need to scream reliability louder than any promise. Lay down clear expectations, like setting the ground rules for a fresh start. Patience is the secret ingredient. Trust takes time to patch up; it's a gradual process of proving, one commitment at a time. So, talk openly, act sincerely, and be patient that's the gentle way to weave trust back together.



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