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RE: The Guessers Club #6 - New Week and Winners Announcement

in Steem4Nigeria3 months ago

I invite @ngoenyi & @eliany this time from the Steem Kids & Parents Team. I guess kids will love this contest if you guys can spread this out.

You are right . It will be great to spread it. Thanks for the invite. We will see how we can key into it if @fredquantum will subscribe to it

 3 months ago 

That would be a great one and I will be willing to include the kids in this. We can decide if they get involved in this (the number of winners in each category can be increased) or we create another guess challenge for them over there. What do you think, boss @ngoenyi?

 3 months ago 

It will be great to create theirs over there. That's my thought though and make it simple for them. If you can, then share it for them. Thanks for keying into this as suggested by @disconnect

 2 months ago 

Alright, ma'am. I will prepare that. Thank you.

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