The diary game for 17th May, 2024: Attending an Orientation and Traveling Home.

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A photograph of me in the orientation hall.

Dear dairy, my day was quite hectic. I actually felt it would be an easy day to sailed through with but I was wrong. Here are the things I did.


I woke up at 5:00am, had my prayers after reading the scriptures. I had to go fetch water and I was done at 6:20am. I also had bulks of notes to write and so I decided to work on some of them. I was able to get most of them written down. The orientation for the second phase of the teaching practice for my set was scheduled for that, how could that skip my mind! I was done writing the notes at 8:10am and the orientation was scheduled for 9:00am. I has to hasten up to make noodles, which due to time constraint I would have taken a photograph to show you what I made, had my bath and dressed up for school.

I got to school at exactly 9:00am and that's because I had to walk down. The school is a 30 minutes walk from my place of residence. At that time, the venue of the orientation was not set since a class was held there. We had to wait until 12:00noon before the programme started in earnest. I felt really bad because I had plans of traveling home and I didn't want to leave the school late.

The venue for the orientation exercise.


The logbook for the exercise

The orientation commenced at 12:00noon with a welcoming speech from the Dean of the Faculty, the Faculty President and the Teaching Practice Coordinator. We were taught by different lecturers who are in charge of the Teaching Practice exercise. Did I tell you, that the Teaching practice exercise was to commence on Monday? What a rush!

Photograph of one of our lecturers while he guided us through the Teaching Practice exercise.

Here are some of the things he and other lecturers taught us:

  • We were told how to conduct ourselves like potential teachers.
  • The logbook was introduced to us and we were taught how it should be filled.
  • We were taught the meaning and purpose of Teaching Practice. In his words, he said ,

Teaching practice is an educational exercise that fills in the gap between the theory aspects of education taught to us and the practical aspects of education we've been taught.

  • We were also given instances that could be difficult fir us to handle like students' stubbornness and how to handle it.
  • We were encouraged to take the exercise serious as that was a course on its own, a three credit unit course. Did I tell you, that the exercise will last for six weeks? A long but short time it will be!
  • We were told that our posting letters would be out that evening. In my heart, I kept praying not to be sent to a school that is far from my place of residence. Transportation fare has been on a hike!
Photographs of my colleagues and I in the orientation hall.

The orientation programme was rounded off at 2:00pm. Yes, I learnt a lot from the programme
ranging from noting the mistakes and corrections I had made in the last phase to learning new ways to make my contributions in the programme count.

I needed to find my way home to pick what I was to travel with. I was behind my scheduled time for leaving and had to rush. I got to the park at 3:00pm and had to wait until 6:00pm before we commenced our journey. I stayed for that long time because rain fell and we were short of passengers.

The journey to my parent's home is a 2hrs journey but since it was still drizzling, the speed at which the car was driven was slow. We ended up getting to the park at 8:45pm and I got home by 9:00pm, cold and feverish. I ended up going to bed at 9:30pm after having my bath and taking oats as dinner. Dear dairy, hope the tale of my day isn't getting you bored.

I want to invite @nsijoro, @basil20 and @dwings to tell their dairy about their day.


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