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The quality of your content goes a long way to earning you more recognition on Steem as it makes your blog an interesting one to visit as such you should pay attention to what you publish. Paying attention to quality would help you in writing a new story in the hearts of your audience. This contest would walk you through making quality content and encourage you to produce something that makes you stand out.

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Quality Beyond 300 Words Contest

The concept of not less than 300 words has affected a lot of users who thought once they have written an article that is worth 300 words, they are good to go, unfortunately, that's not it, it makes many lazy. I have seen many articles that looks as if it was checked numerous times to push it to hit 300 words. Have you made a word count for an article before and realized it's exactly 300 or 301 words?

For instance, you can't write about the Blockchain in 300 words, No! It can't be quality enough, there are a lot of things that would be missing out and in some cases, the introduction and conclusion make up the 300 words for some articles. Let's step up the game, words can be improved with quality. And for the week, we are looking beyond 300 words.

About the Contest

  • We are concerned with the words and quality of articles in this contest and at the same time, the structure of your content is very important.

  • It's going to be a free contest where you can create any tutorial content based on your knowledge in any field or even writing a story is allowed. Kindly take note.

  • The article must be at least 500 words, this is very important. It must be original and free of any form of plagiarism.

  • More Guidelines

    • Use proper headings for each section, don't use quoted headings, you can use # or headings tag (<h1>, <h2>, <h3>, <h4>...) and so on.

    • The texts of the article must be justified and make your paragraphs short (not lengthy ones).

    • Use smaller images (landscape images would be good) or pull your images side by side to reduce the space they occupy such that they don't disrupt the reading of your audience.

    • In case you are using internet images, utilize free images from Pixabay, Pexels, FreeSvg... and any other free image websites. Add sources to them appropriately. You can learn more from this- How to Properly Utilize Free Images and Sourcing them the Right Way (Practical Steps) | by @fredquantum.

    • Proofread your entry a few times to get rid of typo errors. Grammarly would help to a great extent.

    • Publish your articles here in the Steem4Nigeria community and use the tags #beyond300-c1, club status, suitable community curator tags among the first 3 tags, also add #steemexclusive, your country tag, and others. Use a suitable Title according to your content.

    • Invite at least 3 of your friends to participate in the contest and ensure you interact with other participants (it's important). Entry ends on the 6th of September 2022.

    Contest Reward

    • A total of 12 SP is available in this contest.

    • The rewards would be shared at 3 SP each to the top 4 winners.

    • Write quality content and you'd qualify for extra support from the community curators and others.


    In conclusion, if you have been forcing yourself to hit 300 words before, this is a time to challenge yourself and step up the game. Even beyond the words, your content structure and overall quality should be improved on. I believe this is taking you to another level on Steem, are you ready? I will be looking forward to your entries. Thank you.

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    Great contest

     5 months ago 

    Thanks, @davchi.

     5 months ago 

    Amazing contest! Quality at its best. We must learn how to make quality posts. Thanks for this usual contest topic.

     5 months ago 

    That's very important. It goes beyond making articles in haste, it should be carefully made. I hope this contest would teach users to improve on quality. Thanks for your time, @ngoenyi.

    Good contest.

     5 months ago 

    Thank you, @olabillions.

     5 months ago 

    Wow 😮 lets see how it goes, entries loading

     5 months ago 

    I look forward to your amazing entry on this, @beautybb. Thank you.

     5 months ago 


    This is a very good contest, with these guidelines, by the time we are done we should have written quality articles.

     5 months ago 

    Absolutely! I hope to see your entry on this, @obasuyi-stephen.

    No problem Sir.

    Great idea poised in driving quality and engagement in the community. Thanks for putting up this.

     5 months ago 

    That's the main idea. Thanks, @xkool24.

    Wow! What a nice contest, my entry is loading.....

     5 months ago 

    Awesome! Looking forward to your entry, @udyliciouz.

    Interesting. I hope to submit my entry soon

     5 months ago 

    Okay. I look forward to your entry, @mjoedavid.

    Wow,this is really a nice and cool contest,I will like to join.

     5 months ago 

    Alright. I hope you'd create an amazing piece on this, @ogwo.

    Amazing contest. Looking forward to submitting my entry soon

     5 months ago 

    Awesome! I wish you good luck, @kellykella.

    This will be an interesting one

     5 months ago 

    Thank you, @eberechieme.

    This is going to be very interesting..
    I can't wait to get involved

     5 months ago 

    Yes, it will. I look forward to your entry, @ruthjoe. Thank you.

    Ok sir

    I'm already fired up ,but what if your content don't have a picture is it still allowed or 1 picture

     5 months ago 

    You should make the entry with at least one picture and know that a few pictures (2 or 3 or 4) make a blog looks more interesting. I await your entry, @jaminsamuel.

    Ok thanks for help

     5 months ago 

    My pleasure.

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    Let me see how this will go for me. I like challenges. Good onr

     5 months ago 

    Thank you, @queensley.

    Wow, I think this will be very interesting for me to follow.
    I can't wait to enter this contest. But may I write about the story?

     5 months ago 

    You can write a quality story, @hidayat96.

    I'm grateful for such a pretty contest, below is the link to my post thanks.

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