Steemit Engagement Challenge- S15W4 |"Broken Trust"

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Hello all steemit friends wherever you are, good morning and best wishes always to everyone... On this occasion I am back to participate in a contest held by the Steem4Nigeria Community in the Steemit Engagement Challenge Season 15 Week 4 with the contest theme: "Broken Trust"


Trust is a person's hope and belief in another person regarding honesty, kindness and loyalty. Trust plays a very important role in relationships, both within individuals and in society. A person has a tendency to judge other people and decide whether to trust that person when entering into an interaction or relationship. A person's relationship with other people requires the existence of trust. In this way, trust is needed to establish interpersonal relationships and adapt.

Trust is very expensive and maybe we only get it once from certain people. When someone decides to trust someone else, their hope for that person is that they can realize their hopes. If we cannot utilize the trust of other people well, then it will be difficult for us to gain trust again in the future. If you have other people's trust then use and protect this opportunity as best as possible.


I feel very lucky to live and grow up in Indonesia where people really respect and trust each other. An attitude of mutual trust is maintained in our country even though the population is culturally diverse. However, these differences do not prevent us from trusting each other. With growing trust between communities, we feel safe and secure in living our lives. Even though our country is currently experiencing a slight difference in views on various things, I am sure it will soon return to normal.

Until now I feel safe in my beloved country because there are still many people who can be trusted. In this era of materialism and individualism, many people no longer care about the environment around them. Everyone is busy with their own affairs so they forget about other people. But that is not a barrier to mutual trust between us. Citizens' trust in the state really depends on how policy makers deal with various matters that concern society at large.

Thank God, until now I have never been betrayed by people I really care about. Everything is going normally as I expected and I hope this condition can last until the end of my life. Indeed, trust must be maintained wholeheartedly, otherwise it will be very difficult for that trust to grow again. Because if we betray once, people will no longer trust us.


It must be admitted that it is very difficult to restore someone's trust. The way that can be done in my opinion is to wholeheartedly convince the person to forgive and try to correct all mistakes. In the future, promise not to repeat the same thing that causes someone's trust to be lost. In essence, never waste someone's trust because it is very expensive.

That's my post for taking part in this challenge and I also invite friends invite @suboohi, @dirapa, @wilmer1988, @pelon53, @tocho2, @stef1, @msharif, @patjewell and @pandora2010 to take part in this contest.



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Hello dear, I wish to you to be in peace and living their best moments of life.
You are right in saying that trust is very expensive and it comes only from some special people, but once it is broken, it cannot be restored. Trust plays an important role in both family and society.
I enjoyed reading your post. Wish you good may you always achieve whatever you aim for yourself in life and make the best journey .Greetings from me Have a beautiful.

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