The dairy game, How I spend my day

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Greetings to you all my fellow steemians hope you all have a wonderful day I will like to enlighten you how I spend my day

morning activities

I woke up in the morning by 6:00 we conduct our morning worship for 15 minutes, after that I did my morning routine then I wash my clothes


Then I wash the toilet moop the floor and clear glasses in the compound, after I done with that I prepare breakfast for the family, I prepare fried rice for them then I tidy up the kitchen, after that I took my bath and went to my fashion house
IMG_20220312_121757_6.jpgon my way to my fashion house

afternoon activities

I went to bridal shop to buy my sewing material, which I will use to sew the dress, I buy linning, paper gum, zip, candle gum, strimming, airstair.

IMG_20220312_124024_8.jpg this is me at the bridal shop

IMG_20220312_124036_9.jpgthe guy at my back sell all the things I needed they, after that we calculate the prices then I pay them in cash then I went back to my fashion house
IMG_20220312_131023_9.jpgthis is me At my fashion house

Coming back to my fashion house I cut the material then I sew it the way my client wanted
IMG_20220310_124041_7.jpg after cutting I went straight to my machine and sew it , then I use the strimming I buy to design the front
Then I put zip and do finishing after that I iron it
Mend the edges then iron it, then I put the dress on the mannequin to sample it, it really attract the passerby
Sampling my hand work bring alot of customer to my shop that is the main reason why I like to sample my work, then two of my clients came with 4 materials so I show them the style that will feet with the material then we talk prices after that the left and it was 6:00 already .

evening activities

I came back from work by 6:00 then I prepare dinner for the family after that I wash the dishes then took my bath and go to bed, that is how I spend my day


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