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Hello friends, I believe that everyone of us is doing good. Moreover, I wish to streamline my sunday's engagement to our perusal, do enjoy as you go through below.

Sundays are really special days to me as I give myself enough rest from the week's activities while also dedicating it to God for his mercies of the week.

Nonetheless, our church have been on a global campaign called "enlargement campaign" and this has been the routine in Assemblies of God for long as it is been celebrated on every October in the year.

So I woke up and dressed for service on time and then took off to join in the Sunday school session which I also met very timely.

During the Sunday school session, we learnt on the topic: The way to the father and we also took our memory verse from John 14:6 and we can see that this talked about from the picture below.


pix of our topic and memory verse from the study manual

After the Sunday school session which ended by 9am, we entered into the main service where we gave our offerings and then heard the word of God from one of our pastors that visited.

During this session, the preacher also harmed on a very wonderful topic backed up with some scriptural verses which I captured on the screenshot below.

pix during the blessing of the preacher and pix of the service setting

After the sermon, we dismissed around 12noon as everyone took off to their Homes to attend to some other activities for the day.

Around 4 in the evening, I took off with my pastor to our church sectional executive meeting where we deliberated on our forthcoming Crusade that's set kicking off from 14th through 16th Dec.


pix in my pastors compound set for the meeting

After the meeting, I came home and had some rest then attended to a few of my customers that constituted majorly of pupils and students who came to cut their grown hairs at my shop in our house. Finally, I went and had my dinner after attending to them.


pix attending to some students at night


This was how I spent my Sunday and it's quite disheartening that I couldn't upload pictures or even posts and
comments most times because of the bad network in my area which I don't really know if it's as a result of the flood and heavy downpours. Notwithstanding I'm grateful that you joined me through my sunday's engagement.



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It's really my pleasure for such a wonderful support on my post.


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