Steemit Engagement Challenge S5/W4 - Special Food For Dinner Parties

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Hello friends, it's really my pleasure to enroll into the community's engagement for this week. Thanks as you patiently go through my article.

Suggest special food that will suit special occasions like dinner parties.

There are different kinds of food which everyone likes at a particular time but this is not subject to geographical limitations and preferences. For instance, as a Nigerian, we have our best party food which if not part of the edibles in your occasion postulates you're yet to start.

Although dinner parties should be served with light food but I would prefer Rice botanically or latinly called Oryza sativa that has been cultivated over eight thousand years ago to suit a dinner party but everyone should eat the quantity that shouldn't get him dull because it's a bit heavier than many carbohydrate foods.

For instance in a cup of rice, one can derive 54 grams of carbohydrate which is it's highest nutritional content followed by protein which has just 4 grams in the same one cup quantity.

Nonetheless, Rice is my preference for special dinner parties as it contains some good nutrition which is very beneficial to the body system. Hence these nutrition majorly compounds: carbohydrate, protein, vitamin, phosphorus, magnesium and iron.

What are the health benefits?

This very delicacy has some great health benefits which includes:

Diabetic control.

Brown rice in particular can help in regulating one's Sugar level because of its low glycemic index.

It helps in blood circulation.

Rice contains vitamins and minerals which helps the blood to easily circulate oxygen through the body because of its fiber content which helps in lowering the rate of cholesterol and possible occurrence of heart disease.

It reduces the risk of cancer.

Brown rice in particular also contains antioxidants which are found in the bran of grains, this really helps in fighting free radicals from damaging the blood cells which can further lead to cancer but when the bran is removed from brown rice to get a white rice, it easily destroys the antioxidants which could have assisted in fighting the free radicals.

Improves digestive health system.

The fiber in brown rice helps in improving bowel control and movement and this very health benefit is more advantageous to people with celiac disease. Nonetheless, this disease makes the digestion of food grains a bit difficult.

Why have you chosen this particular food for this occasion?

First because of its health benefits even as I have explained above. Rice is also very affordable despite an individuals level of poverty, he can afford to eat rice on daily basis till he gets saturated. But in reality, rice is affordable as anyone can go for the quality he can easily afford based on his active demand.

Rice is a food grain that over half of the world population does eat. Moreover, if one dore not like eating stewed rice, he may like eating either the fried or jellof rice. So on the average, its actually food for all, and so may not be a waste if served in a dinner party.

Have you prepared this food before? Name at least 5 major ingredients that are used to prepare this special food whether you have prepared it before or not.

I know how to prepare rice and I have also prepared it countless times but the only rice I've not prepared is fried rice but I'll soon prepare it to verify my capacity.

In this instance, I'll be listing over 5 major ingredients used in preparing stewed rice.

Water, groundnut oil or fat, pepper or ginger, salt, beaf or any meat, Maggi, green beans, onion.


stewed rice I prepared

Why does food add beauty to special occasions?

The fact is that good is a major contributor to our human existence and asuch, no one can do without food. So no food, no happy or special occasion.

Nonetheless, our human nature made food to be an essential in any occasion. Since we need food to survive, seeing it in an occasion will definitely spice ups such occasion.

Finally I wish to invite my following friends to the contest but please don't border if you've already engaged.
@ruthjoe @edidiongeffiong @majerius


Hihihihi i love rice and stew. So you too can cook this? It looks so appetizing. I never knew it increases bowel movement 😅 indeed we do learn everyday of our lives. Let me cook some of this in my house too.
Thank you fit the invite

Smiles you're welcome,Rice is also one of my best food because of its rich nutritional content. Thanks for checking in bye.

Thank you so much for inviting me bro, but i already participated.
Nice entry, i wish you success 👍

Wow nice you've already participated congratulations on your entry also smiles and bye.

Thanks bro

Hola @davchi el arroz es una comida que es cosumida por todos el mundo, es muy nutritivo para nuestros cuerpos y fácil de preparar y se puede acompañar con otras comidas, un arroz con carne quisada es muy sabroso. Con pollo,un arroz con salchicha es una comida muy sabrosa.


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Ewee you prepared a special meal friend, I love how you properly dished the food just that I didn't see my own oo and e go fit make us fight oo.

Wow I'm grateful for your compliment dear


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