Steemit Engagement Challenge S5/W3 - My Diary Game Entry in Steem4Nigeria: 29/20/2022

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Hello friends, I believe that everyone is doing good. It's also my pleasure to join in this week's contest which is quite a full compendium of our day's engagement thanks as you patiently go through.

The weather conditions for the day. (Add images)

Today's weather condition has been very friendly and favourable as there wasn't any rain all through the day.

Moreover, the morning weather was really calm as though there wouldn't be any sun but later, it all blazed non-stop till evening, and we can see what our weather looked like in the morning from the pic below.


As I already said, it was all sunny through the day with a little break in the scouchy weather till evening. We can see the intensity of our today's afternoon weather.


The evening weather was still something else from the previous day's weather as the temperature was so high although it later got to 24° celcius.

What are your purchases, if any, and the food you ate during the day (it could be breakfast, lunch, or dinner)?

I didn't go shopping today as 90% of my activities were indoors. Moreover, I'm not too good at cooking but I can prepare tasty foods especially our indigenous foods like Soup and other dishes like; spaghetti, rice, indomie. Notwithstanding, I prepared a little indomie for lunch and ate with my friend who visited, I also ate fruit within the day You can view my foods for the day.

Tell us about your work, you can show us the things you worked on for the day or the activities at your place of work.

Most of us knew about my barbing service but I wasn't that engaged in the shop for today because I was feeling a bit of fatigue, though I recovered later in the day but currently I'm into hair cut service and building.

The funniest and the most annoying thing you met or experienced during the day.

My experience all through the day was really worth it as I didn't have any annoying experience especially in my house because there isn't anyone in the house to get me annoyed since its just me and my mum alone in our house.

But I must also say that I had some bad experience smiles. Really for over some months now we have not had a show of electric light which has been a major stake of my annoyance. Though some power holding personnels are always seen around fixing either our transformer engine or the low tension wires but still they aren't done with that yet

Moreover, I previously made a post on natural disasters where I mentioned one of my community's roads that was negatively affected by erosion, this same road has currently depleted further and our people are now calling on the government to seriously come to our rescue. So this also made my day abit annoying.

Are there any special events around you today? Share with us.

Although it was a sad one, it was actually the burial of our former governor's son's campaign manager who passed away a day after his appointment to chair the campaign team of the guy. So this very young man was laid to rest today.

The event was held at a community next to ours'. I called it a special event because it caused many dignitaries to show up in my area. Moreover, according to our community members that attended the burial, they said that an SOS was given to our former governor's son who is also a member of the federal house of representatives in response to our dilapidated road, for him to help our community in reaching out to the governor and other members of the house to promote the bill that will help in fixing the bad condition of my community's road.

Although I wasn't present at the burial but for the cause of the SOS that was given to our HOR member, i considered it as a special event.


current condition of the road

What is your overall feeling at the end of the day?

My overall feeling is quite good because I know that my happiness can not be well expressed by anyone other than myself, so my overall experience was indeed wonderful. Thanks and bye to everyone, love you all bye.


Hermosos paisajes, un hermoso cielo y deliciosas comidas proyectan tu día como excelente [email protected] Éxitos en el desafío. Saludos cordiales!!

Gracias ma

Nice entry my friend, thanks for inviting me, but i already participated.
I wish you luck in the contest 👍

Wow I never new you've already enrolled, best wishes.

Thanks bro😊

 5 months ago 

Oppss sorry for the lost, my the soul rest in perfect peace, 🕊️ may you and the family of the death person take heart and Know it the will of God

Thanks for your pretty compliment, everyone has actually taken heart since we'll all die someday. It's really my pleasure that you visited bye 🙋

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