My weekend power up.

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Hello friends, I believe every one of us is really good. Today I wish to streamline my current power up as it all transpired over the weekend thanks as you read through the article.

It is obvious that one's steem power in this ecosystem is actually the nitty-gritty for his growth and influence. Nevertheless, I mayn't be deleberating on the need for increasing ones steem power since over 90% of steemit users are acquainted with the its prepotency and significance but I would rather stress on the processes behind my accumulations and the quantity of steem that I powered up.

I didn't make much publications over the week but thanks to all the curators who gave some assistance on my previous publications which is actually where I generated the steem I powered up.

Although I'm planning on how to start building my steem power outside of the terrain of just creating contents alone which I know is possible as my plans starts yielding but for now, I'm just left with the option of creating contents which has become the only means to my earnings and powerups.

I believe that the only way to greatness is just keeping tenacious over your engagement. Really I learnt alot from Abraham Lincoln the 16th president of USA and in one of his quotes, he said "though I'm a slow walker but I never walk back". That's the datum about Life because even Rome they said was not built in a day.

I know it will take time to get to my target in this system but I don't think that giving up could be considered as an option till ends meet over here.

Evidence of my power up

Nevertheless, after all my accumulations over the week, I was able to power up over 90% of my earnings and I also believe that I would have powered up more if I had earned more.

After waiting for all my earnings to drop, I logged into my steem wallet and logged in my active key and then inputed 30 steem out of a total of 36 liquid steems in my wallet and finally I powered it up.


Screenshot evidence of my steem power before the power up process was initiated.

Screenshot evidence of the 30 steem I intended powering up.

Screenshot evidence after the 30 liquid steem power up from my wallet.


These are all the involved protocols from my current steem earnings as I earlier said, this article was not really meant to educate on the importance or need for steem power rather a lucid routine I was able to take in powering up some of my accumulated liquid steem.
Though this would have taken more of pictures and less of words but in other to meet with the set parameters of the community I have to properly observe all protocols.

Thank for checking on my article for today, see you next time, love you all bye.


Welldone. Personally, im trying to work hard to to build my steem power. Infacr i hope to be a dolphin soon. Lets keep steemit-ing on

Wow, becoming a dolphin is also a good target in steemit but I wish to peg like steemcurator01 by God's grace and give the best support I could in this platform. Thanks for checking on my blog cheers.

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