My support for Pennsif. witness [week 1]

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Hello friends, I believe that we all are really doing great. Today, I wish to enroll into the pennsif witness campaign. Moreover, I also wish to appreciate @ubongudofot for such a pretty contest. Do enjoy my views as you go through below.

I want to know your view of what a witness is in the steemit blog,
who are they, and what are their roles?

We know that there are many witnesses in the Steemit ecosystem, although most of us get confused over who they are and their exact roles due to the vast nature of the Steemit blockchain.

From my understanding so far in this social blockchain, there are two different types of witnesses in the system, and they are: the community witnesses and the developer witnesses.

First the overall role of a witness in this ecosystem is to see to the development of different tools that expedites the progress of the community and also disseminating information as patterning to the current happenings in the Steemit Blockchain.

The synopsis above tellls of the two major witnesses in the Steemit Blockchain even as earlier mentioned.

The first set of witnesses as I said are the developers and their role is to build tools and applications that can be accessed by any steemit navigator in ascertaining or obtaining certain information about the steemit ecosystem or personal accounts.

For instance, we have steemchiller as one of the witnesses who fall in this category. He was the one that developed steemworld tool in 2007 that is now used by every steem participant.

The second set of witnesses are the community witnesses. Their role is to disseminate information about the current development and events in the Steemit Blockchain.

Majority of the witnesses fall in this category as most of them aren't that technically inclined in terms of building tools which can be used in the steemit ecosystem. we have the likes of them like cryptoking777 and so many others who normally promote steemit in their own way outside of the technical routine.

Although most witnesses do combine the two jobs which isn't that easy for them but they all are unique in their activities in this ecosystem but more especially, those who fall in the developers category are better remunerated and appreciated than those that fall within the terrain of just community witnesses.

How many of them do you know?
Do they sleep?

a few of the Steemit witnesses which I know includes: justyy, exnihilo, upvu, symbionts, xpilar, steemchiller, rnt1, jrcornel, maiyude, cryptoking777, dike, alexmove, menacamel, ayogom, pennsif, starlord28, parse, stmpak, newsteem, successgr, tommoyan etc.

On the other hand, I can't assure if all the witnesses work round the clock but all I can tell is that despite the workload of an individual, he must make out time to rest because no one can cheat nature. So I believe that they do sleep to conserve strength for other activities.

What do you think @pennsif.witness will accomplish before 2030?

All the witnesses are human beings and really have their limitations and strength but I would agree with pennsif on his personal resolutions as I was able to go through a few of his articles to see what he has to offer though as a new witness in the steemit ecosystem, so I quote him.

As a witness my primary goal is to see growth across the whole platform through robust communication at all levels and targeted high yield developments with the resources available.

On the development front I have a number of ideas that have been simmering in the background for some time. Now I am looking to collaborate with developers to make these ideas happen. Stay tuned.

2030 is less than 8 yrs from now, So his results have a lot to question in his ability to bring to limelight those ideas he has for the Blockchain. Moreover, a better remuneration will also encourage him to accomplish more in this ecosystem because as a community or developer witness, you really need an encouraging height of assistance in terms of finances so as to accomplish more, else you'll be discouraged in the long run.

What will you like to see him accomplish as a witness from now till then?

The datum remains that to whom much is given, much is also required. Nonetheless, I wouldn't require much from him than working towards making every steemian to smile through the green up caret after much effort has been exerted in composing articles.

Also, I would advise him to work with an unbiased mind towards the growth of all Steemian, by bringing back our SBD and also squashing all stringent rules that's not in favor of everyone. thanks and God bless you bye.


my witness vote for pennsif

You can also vote for him as a witness through the Link below using your private active key.

Finally, I would love to invite my following friends to join in this pretty contest; @ruthjoe, @yakspeace, @saintkelvin17, @ishayachris


Thank you for participating in My support for Pennsif. witness contest.....

Have any of your friends voted yet...?

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Thanks for your pretty compliment on my post but I believe my friends will be voting later as some of them may have started voting already.

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Your article has been supported by @fredquantum. Supporting quality content across the platform.

I will like to invite you to the guessers club as you stand the chance to earn rewards weekly for your guessing efforts. You can join us for the week through this link. #steem-on.

Fredquantum Curation.png

8 years from now with pennsif.witness, steemit would be a much better place.

This' actually everyone's prayer my dear, though he mayn't reach the goal all alone as we all have to that which is at our reach to the dream come through. Thanks for checking on me please pretty try and give him your witness vote after logging in using your private active key through the link below.

Of course I did give him my votes

We rise by lifting others you know

This' actually everyone's prayer my dear, though he mayn't reach the goal all alone as we all have to that which is at our reach to the dream come through. Thanks for checking on me please pretty try and give him your witness vote after logging in using your private active key through the link below.


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