If I were to be a Curator.

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Greetings friends, it's my pleasure to join in this week's community contest conducted by @simonnwigwe. I must also appreciate all the community mods for such a pretty privilege. I implore all the readers to patiently go through as to fittingly understand the content of my engagement thanks.

What do you understand by the word curation?

I would like to first define a Curator and this is just a word (pronoun) used to indicate a person who takes care of something. Now curation is an all-inclusive work of a curator.

In the Steemit Blockchain, curation has to do with a set of people called curators who were given the proxy to assess and vote on articles while they also streamline a compendium of their delegated activity in the Blockchain for the perusal of the Steemit community.

Which is your favourite curation team for November? Give reasons for your selection.

Though we have 6 curation teams in this blockchain which includes: teammillionaire, team 1 to 5, I have chosen team millionaire as my favorite team for this month.

My reason for choosing this team is because I have seen them visit my article overtime, though not too often and this really means that they are really keeping to their duties though other teams are working but I really like this team for their often visit.

Moreover I do go with the right tag which suits their curation team which also includes other team tags but their often visit on my post is so obvious to dissipate the fact they are working. I also believe that other teams are working but I must say that I loved this team the most from my already adduced reason.

If you are in any of these curation teams, what difference will you make?

I don't believe that the workload of all the teams weren't stated, as everyone is acting according to the parameters already set by the steemit leaders.

Nonetheless, if it happens that it was apportuned to be in any of the teams, I will set a specific number of vote to cast during my day of voting. For instance, most curators do exceed their voting limit for the day if really my findings are true, thereby reducing the vote value which could have accrued to a particular post while they (curators) would also quote that they have used a particular % of vote on that post but if scrutinized appropriately, you would notice that most other posts that were voted with same vote % varied which could be as a result of over voting.

Do you consider your post a quality one? Give reasons for your answers.

I don't really like writing out of context because for me, the justification for quality post isn't about the volume of words although I don't write below 300 words. moreso, my justification for a quality post isn't also on the basis if ones weighty grammer which I know that everyone doesn't speak or understand English.

Nevertheless, my justification for a quality post is the ability of the writer to align the content of his post with his topic. Moreover, I believe that I have been trying to do justice to my articles in making them quality post according to my perspective of quality posts.

Is SC01 and SC02 partial or are they just when curating articles? Give reasons for your answers.

The datum remains that it's not really easy to be a curator come to think of having access to SCO1/02 account but I must say that they are at their best.

For me I'm not greedy to question the vote cast on a particular post which outweighs my own in value rather I've learnt to be satisfied with what I gain from the system.

On the other hand, partiality simple means showing favor to an individual over another. But I really understand that we all doesn't have equal duty in the system.

Someone who has the position of a community leader or who occupies a tangible position in this ecosystem should be favoured more than myself who is just an ordinary blogger in my opinion.

My reason is that since that person may have the opportunity to write probably 3 articles for the week, I may also be opportuned to write 5 articles for the week which may all be curated.

Now if the whale account should be voting both of us with same vote value, this means that those who are assisting the community by handling certain positions are not been treated well.

Now for a better equilibrium to be striked between the two bloggers, the member who occupies a tangible position who also helps the community in some ways should be voted well by 01/SC02 because they may not have all the opportunities to easily engage in many activities as to earn better with those who are just bloggers without any tangiy position so I don't believe that SC02/SC02 is partial in voting.

Finally, I may also credit this issue to be a time based problem because there isn't any sultaneous automated voting of individuals accounts which probably makes it seem that some individuals are favoured that most others but this is not true as resource credit are liable to deplete with continuous voting of articles.

If you were SC01 or SC02, what type of article would you be curating? Give reasons for your answers.

I know and will continue to say that everyone is not too good in writing a particular article or using good English or writing Spanish or even using Chinese language.

But if I happen to be SC01/SC02, I will be curating posts that are well organized that also meet with the community standards despite the language it was written.

My reason is that well organized articles be it drawing or literature or any post at all with such good spice of quality which I als voted will definitely spur others to examine what actually attracted me to such article and if they should find out that was a how organized the post was, that will be encouraged to be creating quality contents in the system.


I must sincerely say that all the curators are doing noble because most of them often watch their personal articles payout without substantial value even though they are in position to do justice to that post but they will still act according to the systems rules of engagement as to maintain fairness in the system which makes curation a game of unbiasedness.

Finally, I wish to invite my noble friends to join the contest. @edidiongeffiong @ruthjoe @beautiful12 @starrchris


But if I happen to be SC01/SC02, I will be curating posts that are well organized that also meet with the community standards despite the language it was written.

Nice entry bro, seriously i really love that your response above.
Thanks for advicing me.

You're welcome Bro, Thanks for your pretty response do have a nice entry as you join in the contest.

You're always welcome


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