Steemit Engagement Challenge S5/W6 - "A Friend in Need is a Friend Indeed".

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Hello everyone I hope you are good and enjoy your best I am here toady for participate in the amazing engagement challenge which held in Steem4Nigeria and the name of this contest is A Friend in Need is a Friend indeed I am so excited to written about my friends so let's start this amazing post:



Share your understanding of the saying "A Friend in Need is a Friend Indeed".

A friend is a great blessing of Allah Almighty Allah has gifted us many things and a good friend is also one of them a friend is not a part of your family but seems like the family member when we talked about good friends the first thing that in our mind is loyalty and a friend is only person who sacrifices for us The actual friend are always ready to help their friend in the need.

Friends are meant to stay with us in all the times of the life, no matter the time is dull or glowing. A Friend in Need is a friend indeed is not a only phrase its also tells us about the character of most true friends this phrase means a true friend is always helps us the need of time such type of friend is also very precious in our individual life.

A friend in need always help us less lonely a friend can understand our feelings and situations because he is our same age a true friend always creates a self confidence in his friend.If the time is good, the good friends always stay with us to encourage us and celebrate the happiness with great pleasure.

Otherwise, they are also present to console on the loses, failures and any other hurdles of the life.Moreover a true friend tells us about good things and asked to avoid bad things and tells us about positive aspects a only one true friend is thousand times better than thousan bad friends.

Do you have anyone you can call a friend indeed? (Choose one regardless of the distance apart at the moment) How did you meet and how long have you known each other? (Share his/her name and picture).

I am very happy to tell about my friend if we talked about my friends I have a great list of my friends but not all good friends I have only one friend who remained me with every second he supports me every field like dreams and aspirations he tells us about my weakness and try to his best to avoid from all the weakness.



His name is Ali Hassan and he is 23 years old these are some photos with him which captured are very local place because he is always with me he is only my friend when I called him even every moment he never asked me that I have no time therefore I spend my whole time with him.

We are equally distributed even happiness or sadness loyalty is the most important factor of friendship and he is much loyal with me and he knew about correct meaning of loyalty first of all he expressed himself as safe place for his friend.

Friend is the most listener character in our life and he is most listening person in my life he always try his best for help me in every field of life sometimes I need help in most critical situations he is one of them when I never told my problems anyone he understands himself without describing me.


We are not a childhood friend but seem like childhood friends we meet when I went to lahore 7 years ago the first person who met me in lahore because that time I didn't know about him but when we met and after that we live together unfortunately we both not study after matric for long time.

What are the special qualities that attracted you to the person or the sacrifices they have made for you in the past? Do you think your friendship remained intact as it started

A good friend is mixture of different qualities all the qualities looks but some my are favourites because he believes me and I also I believe him because without trust friendship is also like empty pot so here I told you some precious qualities:

  • He is a good listener because when I told him any problem he listen carefully and try to solve it.
  • Loyalty is the most important for friendship and he is most loyal person for me.
  • He is faithful and sincere for me.
  • He told me about my weakness a true friend always tells us avout our weakness and he is most favourite in these kinds.
  • He always celebrate his life with me.
  • He tells us about truth even I don't like.

He has many more qualities a best friend always know about your dreams and help you to achieve them he is always try to his best to help me in work I have always fun with him and enjoy every moment of my life with him.

Is the person on Steemit and how is he/she faring in the Ecosystem? If they are not, why have they not joined through you? (Are there special reasons for that).

He is not working on the steemit because of some personal issues I have try myself many times to start the work but he is not ready for this work his opinion is totally different about this website because he is weak in English therefore he avoids such kinds of websites but he try to hard for learning english but sometimes he tease me for this action.

I hope in few months he will learn the english and start the work on this amazing platform he struggles for only because he is not much educated sometimes he asked me to create blogs for him but I told him that this website is not permission to anyone that he wrote the blogs to another person.

I hope he learn the english in few months or days and start the work with me so hopefully I pray for him for this success 😂 one day he is a great blogger on this website.

Write a short message to tell him/her how amazing he/she is

I am thankful for my dear friend for everything that he has done for me. He really have a very wide heart that is always willing to help the near and dear ones especially the dearest friends like me. There are no words in my vocabulary that can explain the exact words of thanks for your always help and love towards me.

to participate in this contest.

Thank you

Achievement 1

written by:@cryptoloover



Loyalty is the most important for friendship and he is most loyal person for me.

You really have a good friend, it's not easy for an adult to be docile honestly but to have a friend who is loyal means he is a friend indeed. I believe your friend is a gift from God to you. Thanks for sharing with us, I also wish you the best on your entry.

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thanks for precious review

Hello, you have a good friend. Keep him as a pal always.

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