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Greetings great steemians, it is lovely to begin week 2 of this contest. today we were instructed to write about our country. Honestly, my country is in a state of confusion and a lot is going on but regardless, I love my country anytime, any day, any year. In the next few words, I will be giving my reasons why I love whereby and prefer it to other countries. I am @camzy and below is my post.

My country is Nigeria popularly known as the giant of Africa. Nigeria is blessed and has almost 250 ethnic groups all coexisting together and working as one, with 3 major ethnic tribes which are the Igbos, Yoruba, and the Hausas. Also, Nigeria has 36 states with its capital as F.C.T Abuja. Nigeria is an oil-producing country whereby we export crude oil as a major source of survival and revenue.

Nigeria is a very interesting country, with very energetic and vibrant youths always ready to beat the clock to make ends meet. there are just so many but to mention a few, I will be listing and elaborating great things about my country Nigeria.



What are the great things that interest you about your country?


Like I mentioned earlier there are Just so many great things about my country regardless of the current downs, no one can deny there are no amazing things to reckon with in the country.

The Nigerian culture is a center of art that has kept the globe traveling from far and wide to witness the culture. As we have about 250 or more ethnic groups in Nigeria. in the same way, we have their cultures. Despite the numerous ethnic groups and about 500 or more languages, 3 cultures stand pronounced more than the others which are the Igbos, Yorubas, and Hausas.

When we talk about culture, we talk about the way we cook, dance, farm, behave, speak, and in totality our way of life in Nigeria. I think this is a great feature and this is what makes us unique and preferable.
The Nigerians are jovial and naturally funny people. they give in their best to ensure they get the job done and in good faith. I could boast they are the most hardworking set of people in the world.

The Igbos are known for their lovely dresses and their display on the dance field. below is an image of the Igbo attire


The Yorubas, are no different as they are known for their great hospitality and also how they love to party hard. below is an image of the Yoruba attire


The Hausa are known for their great influence in the political regions and their animal rearing most especially the cows. below is the image of the Hausa tribe


Climate Condition
As insignificant as it may look, the Nigerian climate is something to reckon with as it is not extreme when compared to other countries. the Nigerian climate is not too cold and not too hot giving Nigerians the flexibility to put on whatever type of clothes they wish to wear.

Generally, the Nigerians are accommodating and very social people. The Nigerians tend to stand in for one another and are always on the lookout to help each other stand regardless of which ethnic group one is from. we saw examples from the demonstration of the #endsars movement where the country came as one voice to fight for each other


I really haven't tasted different foods from different countries but I am sure the native dishes in my country are simply the best. The Nigerians have different dishes based on the different ethnic groups. but if u are reading this and wish to visit Nigeria, Please try our food and thank me later. we cook nothing but the best. And my favorite is the Egusi soup and Eba it is an Igbo dish. below is an image of Eba and Egusi



Which of the things mentioned above do you prefer your country for, over other countries?


Among all Listed above, I will be honest with you all, I prefer our food to other countries. I am not casting down any country but I am so proud of what my country can do in the kitchen. we make it look so easy and classy and most importantly, we make it healthy and tasty.

Next would be our culture, Like I mentioned and carefully describe the nature of our culture. You cannot just love our culture any less. the Nigerian culture is unique and has attracted tourists all over the world. I love my culture and would rate it a 5-star when compared to other countries. it is just awing to behold.


No Place like home: If you eventually leave your country in search of greener pastures, would you be willing to come back because of your response in (3).


truly, there is no place like home, and if I eventually l leave Nigeria in search of greener pastures, First I would ensure to get the greener pastures and more. Because that is where the glory of a man lies. then definitely, I love Nigeria except for the bad governance and Insecurity. I would come bad to Nigeria any time convenient for the above reasons mentioned above. I LOVE NIGERIA.

I invite @nikoyana, @chimechetam and @chinma to participate in this contest


The togetherness factor you have mentioned I like very much. It is very good for any country to have a feeling of togetherness among its citizens. You have described about your country in a great manner.

yes dear, the feeling is spectacular

Nice Writeup.

And these are the reasons we love Nigeria.

Naija to the world

yes dear, nigeria to the world

I wonder how it will be for me in any country I find myself. With all these lovely things about Nigeria, I do not even want to go anywhere if not for fun.

Let us just make Nigeria better and stay here. We can do this with one voice in the coming elections.

We can make nigeria better, I trust the government will be better. Nigeria is too sweet

Correct man. I love the vibe.

The giant of Africa encompasses a great cultural diversity that gives it a spatial character, converging various customs and ethnic groups.

The flavor of its gastronomy has been impregnated in your palate, and you would not change it for another.

Thank you for sharing with us part of your country, Nigeria.

great write up bro
you explained it greatly

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I think we share the same favourite. Egudi soup with bitterleaf is nothing but the best

This is so great showing the difference traditional wear with the difference activities that take place couple with the food and and theat make you a Nigerian man by birth

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