100% powerup //// How I spent my day on 9/8/22

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Everyday comes with different activities and challenges, and once the day is over we praise the Almighty for his guidance and protection because not all who left home came back safely and not all who woke up have the opportunity to sleep back, let me share with you how I spent my day.

Morning Activity

My daily routine is to listen to God in the morning by reading our daily text from the bible after which I talk to him through prayers.

By 6:am I quickly prepared my vegetable soup with rice for my lunch at work, I had my bath and left for work by 7:30am.

My street view that morning hours.

That morning people were still sleeping while others have left for work and the street looks empty, more to that shops are yet to open.
When I got to the bustop there was much traffic as a result of a container that fail on the road and blocked everywhere, finally I got a bus but the price was higher than what I usually pay to get to work.
I got to work by 8:45am and I had my breakfast and resumed work proper.

Afternoon Activities

My afternoon was all fun, the children danced, they watched movies and they had teakwando, because is summer school is fun fun fun all through.

I closed by 2:30pm and I left my office by 2:40pm, I stopped by a bank to withdraw some money for tomorrows transportation and also I needed to buy some vegetables to make a little sauce when I get home.

I took a bus to my next bustop, I also had branch to the market to buy the vegetables I needed for my sauce making.

My customer slicing the vegetables I bought from her

Finally I got home and it was evening so I quickly prepared my vegetable sauce with onions and crayfish for tomorrow and I washed my uniform for work tomorrow before we went out of power.
I also prepared dinner for myself and after that I started making this post.


Am so happy that am alive this moment and am able to write about my day, it was an awesome day, I had fun with my kids at school, tho there was a little emergency but I was able to handle it, it didn't escalate so am happy and grateful to God.

Thank you all for stopping by.

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Wow thank you I much appreciate

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