Wallet blacklist on official Talleo mining pool

in Talleo4 years ago

Yesterday was the first time we ever used the feature to blacklist any specific wallet addresses... I personally don't like using the feature unnecessarily even though I was the one who initially added the feature... Everyone should have the right to mine Talleo as long as mining doesn't cause issues to other community members...

Two users on Talleo's official mining pool were mining 24/7 directly to exchange's deposit wallets flooding the wallet daemon with 10 TLO transactions.

As a coin developer and leader of Talleo Project, I am responsible to people who run any service that use Talleo's wallet daemon or node daemon. When Talleo was listed on C-Patex I made a deal with the company operating the exchange that they monitor for abnormal activity and lock any user accounts involving in such activity. This decision was to protect both Talleo Project and proper operation of the exchange.

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