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Active bridges

Currently Talleo Project is testing three bridges between Talleo and other blockchains.

Talleo <-> Tron (TRC20) bridge

Deployed on Nile testnet. Wrapping and unwrapping works, but Tron doesn't support sending TRX to contracts directly from wallets. Sending TRX to contract only works if initiated from contract itself.

Talleo <-> Ethereum (ERC20) bridge

Deployed on Rinkeby testnet. Wrapping and unwrapping, sending and receiving ETH and other ERC20 tokens work. Pending drop of gas fees to deploy on mainnet. Some code cleanup can still be done.

Talleo <-> Binance Smart Chain (BSC, BEP20) bridge

Deployed on testnet. Wrapping and unwrapping works. Uses mostly same code as for Ethereum bridge, gas fees are about double compared to Ethereum, but lower exchange rate of BNB compensates.

Other bridges

We are investigating possibility for deploying bridges on smart contract platforms that use either WebAssembly or Solidity for the smart contract code. This requires finding nodejs libraries that can monitor blockchain for events triggered by the bridge smart contract.

Our main goal is that the wrapped token can be used directly from the official wallet of the smart contract platform and all the transactions are visible.

For platforms that use Solidity, we try to integrate with MetaMask or equivalent browser extension using JavaScript to encode and decode the address on destination block chain to the metadata of the contract.

For other platforms, if possible, we will pass the destination address either directly in "memo" field of transaction or encode it like when using Solidity. The block chain must allow minimum of 71 bytes to be passed in the transaction metadata, otherwise the whole TLO address might not fit.

Currently TLO and TRX addresses are sent in hexadecimal format to reduce the size of the address.

For BSC and ETH addresses, the bridges use modified hexadecimal encoding that differentiates between lower and upper case letters (0123456789abcdefABCDEF) using 12 bits per byte and lookup table.

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