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I made this still life in art class. It features some of my Harry Potter merchandise (20th anniversary Ravenclaw editions of Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone and Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets, a bottle of Butterbeer, Harry Potter bluetooth headphones, and a Time Turner).

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I made this for math class. I had to choose a theme and write a calculus problem about that theme. I chose Harry Potter as my theme, and the problem was about Harry's speed while flying during a game of Quidditch. It's definitely not my best work, but I thought I would share it, too.

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That pencil drawing is pretty amazing. I like how many different colors you were able to get with just a pencil.

Wonderful arts! I'm a fan of "Harry Potter". It's a good idea to choose Harry Potter as your theme. Great job! ;)

Thank you for submitting Emma! You have such a talent. I selected a different submission as the winner, but I was very impressed by your work as well!

Thanks again for submitting! I hope you will continue to post your art here!