My Wizarding World Introduction Post

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Hello everyone! Several days ago, I announced the start of this Harry Potter community. I would now like to post a little introduce yourself article to this community about myself. Please know that you don't have to post an introductory post for this community, but it is encouraged!

Disclaimer, this post will include spoilers of books 1-3

How did I come to read Harry Potter?

That is a rather long story. I actually watched the movies at a pretty young age, though I don't remember much of anything. In 7th grade, we were told to pick a book from the book shelf and read it for reading class. I saw Harry Potter, and thought "Oh! This is that book that everyone likes." So, I began to read it.

I now know that there are multiple Harry Potter books, and the one I was reading was, in fact, the chamber of secrets. I read up to the part where Mrs. Norris (the cat) gets petrified. I did not know what had happened to her, but I was very angry that the author had decided to harm a cat, and I stopped reading it.

@esouthern3 and I in front of the Christmas tree

Fast forward to this year. On one of our earlier dates, my girlfriend (@esouthern3) showed me all of her (many might I add) editions of the Harry Potter series. She has several different versions of the books; all of which she has read. Maybe she will post about them here one day.

Anyway, she was showing me her collection, and I somehow let it slip that I had never actually read the Harry Potter series, and that I had only read part of the Chamber of Secrets. She immediately tried to lend me a copy of the first book. At first, I accepted, but then she gave me the list of rules for what I can and can't do while reading the books, and the whole take about how if there are any tears or anything, she will be very angry. So, I handed her the book back, and went out and bought the whole series to avoid the inevitable fact that I would accidentally damage one of the books (so far, I have damaged all three of the books I have read).

I read the first book in a day. I took several weeks to read the second book. On the third, I spent several months. I am now currently 200 pages into the Goblet of Fire.

What House am I?

According to the Pottermore house quiz, I am a Ravenclaw. The funny thing is, a few months ago the quiz said I was a Hufflepuff. But I have taken it twice again, and both times it said I am a Ravenclaw.

House Ravenclaw values traits like wisdom, cleverness, and creativity. It was founded by Rowena Ravenclaw (and named after her). According to Pottermore, many members of house Ravenclaw are highly intelligent, but also a little eccentric. The house colors are Blue and Bronze; its animal is an Eagle; its current head is Professor Flitwick, and its ghost is the Grey Lady.

What are my favorites from the Harry Potter story and world?


I selected Albus Dumbledore as my favorite character. In truth, it comes down between Albus Dumbledore and Hermione Granger for me. I am just slightly partial to Dumbledore because of his brilliance as a character.

Spell or Potion

I selected "Expecto Patronum" as my favorite spell because it is an advanced spell that does something cool, and because it is the only spell I really remember (if I am going to be honest).

Places and Transport

I selected Hogwarts as my favorite place. I admit that I do not know many places in the Wizarding world quite yet, but I do know Hogwarts, and I think it is pretty cool. I like castles a lot, and I also think it would be cool to go to school somewhere as scenic and magical as Hogwarts.

Beasts and Beings

I selected the Phoenix as my favorite creature. I have always particularly liked the Phoenix as a mythical creature. I will admit that I also very much like Snowy Owls.

Quidditch Team

I selected the Wimbourne Wasps because I know nothing about Quidditch teams, but I know that Elton John owned a soccer team called Watford, and that begins with a "W"; in addition, their mascot is a hornet, so I selected the Wimbourne Wasps.

Objects and Food

Food would be hard to select because I am lactose intolerant, and I do not know what has milk in it. Instead, I selected the Time-turner as my favorite object because it would be pretty cool to go back in time. I could observe some of the composers.

What is my wand?

Again, according to Pottermore, my wand is Elm wood with a unicorn hair core, 14 ½" and brittle flexibility. I have no idea what this means.

What is my Patronus?

My Patronus is a Chestnut Stallion. According to,

A chestnut stallion is a horse with attitude! He is fearless, fiercely protecting his master. A headstrong fellow, this horse will stand his ground between you and Dementors until his enormous stores of energy send him charging down the Dementors in a frenzied gallop! He will lend you his strength and stand strong against the darkness.


Thanks for reading this! I intend to post more in this community, especially as I discover more and more of the Wizarding world! Please feel free to post here as well!

(Note) In order to encourage meaningful feedback on the platform, I will check comment trails of users who leave superficial comments (ie "Awesome post," or "Upvoted.") and will mute any users who exhibit a pattern of leaving "spammy" comments."


Lol...You're so muggle. I love it. Welcome to Wizarding World! I hope you have fun.

I can't wait to post here! I hope this community becomes popular.