[Discussion Post] Should House-Elves Have Rights?

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Hello everyone! This is the next community discussion post for the Wizarding World Community. Note that from this point on, there will likely be spoilers.

I have recently been reading the Goblet of Fire (for the first time), and one of the subplots is the organization Hermione starts called S.P.E.W. which stands for Society for the Promotion of Elfish Welfare. Throughout the book (or at least the portion I have read), Hermione advocates for House Elves to be free, and be given wages for their work. For those of you who don't know, House-Elves are bound to serve a master until that master sets them free by presenting them with an article of clothing. Harry and Ron do not agree with Hermione, and the disagreement sets up comical interactions between the three arguing over the issue. So, my question for you is:

Should House-Elves have rights?

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I have found this #steemexclusive content just by browsing through the #steemexclusive tag, awesome :)

The author probably has had the inspiration to create the organization because SPEW was an early 1900 British woman right movement to deploy more women in the workforce. They made it possible for the woman to become typists, bookkeepers, journalists etc..

I love the educational aspects of her work and the SPEW for elves is an example of that. Of course, elves should get better treatment and work conditions. They are the backbone of our society.

Hermione in and out of the saga is an activist and rights fighter, I totally support that to the elves are recognized their rights, their work is essential for everything to go well, at least at Hogwarts.

I do believe that House Elves should have rights. Hermione, as an "outsider" to the wizarding community, brings a new perspective on rights and activism. Although many House Elves are content with their work due to ignorance of any other lifestyle, they still deserve to have rights.

I wonder if house elves do have rights which they give away when they agree to work for a master. . .

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Although for many elves are fantastic figures in the literal sense, the drama of this saga presents him as living beings, thinking with the ability to act, so rights should be inherent in these, including the right to have a salary.