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Hi everyone!
I am start a new contest - "Steemit promotion on Instagram".

Steemit is a unique platform that can be used by creative, developing people. The Steemit ecosystem also makes it possible to create an interesting learning model - when a person studies materials, writes quality materials during the learning process, and has the opportunity to receive support, both moral and in the form of Steem tokens.

It's an amazing learning model, a kind of scholarship. And I want to share this with other people. To do this, I am preparing ideas for promotion on social networks. And I also decided to launch this contest so that everyone could share their ideas.

I will propose to implement one of these ideas (concepts) together with the author of the concept.

Thus, your work should be practical, it should contain ready-made text and graphic materials, descriptions of how exactly you (or someone else) will set up targeted advertising, what budget is needed, and what result is expected.

Now I have chosen Instagram as one of the most popular social networks. However, if you have good ideas for other social networks, then this will also be considered.

So, Steemit promotion on Instagram:
10.17 - 10.31
Prize size
1st place - 60 STEEM
2nd place - 40 STEEM
3rd place - 20 STEEM

One of the works will be selected for implementation - and the author of the work will be asked to implement it with the payment of advertising budgets.


  1. Acceptance of work from 10/17/2023 to 00:00 10/31/2023
  2. Announcement of the winner on 02.11.23 throughout the day
  3. Prizes 1st place - 60 STEEM, 2nd place - 40 STEEM, 3rd place - 20 STEEM
  4. I choose the winners. I take into account the realistic launch of advertising. Quality of text and graphic materials. Budget size. Reasonable expectations from the advertising company.
  5. Hint - focus on a small advertising company budget. It's better to gradually increase your turnover.


  1. The post can be published in any community.
  2. Any language.
  3. In the comments to this post you must publish a link to your work.
  4. Post at least 200 words.
  5. Plagiarism and AI generated text is prohibited.
  6. Any tags
  7. For first 100 resteem I send 1 steem to autor resteem if you write about your resteem in comment to this post

This competition is made in support of the project (coeducation with STEEMIT) from @alexmove.witness, SelfDevelopment Club community

I will be glad to see your participation
Thank you for your attention
Have a good day!

cc: @disconnect
cc2: @steemcurator01


Thank you!
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