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RE: DU spielt SCRABBLE™ (52) - Frühjahrserwachen

in Deutsch Unplugged8 months ago


Was bedeutet ergingst?

Ich weiß nicht.


 8 months ago 

!finanzbot 35%

 8 months ago (edited)


90 Punkte

Ergingst du dich im Hyde Park, bevor du dich an illegalen Hilfsmitteln vergingst?!

Look for ERGEHEN (2. Person singular, Präteritum), an upscale way of saying "take a walk".

Greetings from the game opposing player: He prefers to lose to opponents than to bots. Of course, he does not doubt the word, which is rather unusual in this form, and wants the word to remain valid, although you have NOT provided a definition.
Das ist der "Auslandsrückkehr-DU-Wiederbelebungsbonus"... ;-)

 8 months ago 

I'd love to provide a definition but Google Translate is inadequate and the only example I could find in a sentence was the one I used. I'd also love to say that I learnt something... but I didn't.


 8 months ago 

Google is crap. Did you ever try Deepl?

Bildschirmfoto 2023-04-05 um 21.42.07.png

Loser? Gosh! Comforting gorilla...

 8 months ago 

That's now my favourite Gorilla meme.

 8 months ago 

It's really cute. One day you have to show me your collection... ;-)

 8 months ago 

What! The first round and (almost) any records broken!? 😱

 8 months ago 

All I feel is shame. I don't even know what the word means 😳

 8 months ago 

Don't! You got your meme and everything is fine.
All we want here is lots of fun. And we have it with you!
That's enough, from now on you are also conscripted... ;-)

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