John Babakomb Lee: The man who escaped the gallows

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Nineteenth-century England. The time is better to say 175 years. At the time, Emma Casey, a wealthy, unmarried woman, was murdered in her home in The Glen. The murderer cut his throat and killed him!

Who killed Miss Emma?

The reader may be moved by the thought of finding a great thriller story. Sherlock Holmes or any other detective may arrive shortly.Although Sherlock Holmes appeared two years later, through the novel A Study in Scarlet. In any case, the detective will unravel one mystery after another, the murderer will not go less. But the last smile will be the detective. Overcome all obstacles and catch the killer.

The reader has to be disappointed. Because, there is no mystery, no twist in this story. The killer was easily caught, such a case is called 'open and shut' case in English. Emma Casey's servant John Lee was the real killer.


So far, the incident has remained the same as the story of eight to ten murders. If the murderer is caught in his own ignorance, arrangements are made to hang him after trial. Game over!

But trust the reader, if you think the game is really over, then you are making a big mistake. You can't imagine what happened to John Lee after that. You will be told all about it, but before that let’s take a moment to walk past the murderer named John Lee.

John Lee's real name is John Henry George Lee. Born in 184. After leaving school, he took a job at Emma KC's house. ‘The Glen’ was in a village near a sea called Babakomb. He worked there for some time, then joined the Navy. After spending three years there, the naval authorities dismissed him on the pretext of injury. John was in danger, he had to live a very hard life because he did not have an income.
However, he got a job at the home of a military officer named Colonel Brownlow. But whatever happens when a badass hits the head, he steals twenty pounds and sits down. John was sentenced to six months rigorous imprisonment in Exeter Jail.

He reappeared in The Glenn, wondering what he would do to get out of prison. Miss Kessio did not object knowing that the old servant wanted to return to work.

So far so good. The trouble started the day Miss KC was found dead in the kitchen of the house. The woman's throat was severed, as if the murderer was furious with her. Not only that, the fire was also set in the kitchen, as if the corpse had been burnt and mutilated.

Everyone's suspicion goes to John, because, at the time of the murder, there was no other man in the house except John. And almost everyone was convinced that the killer was a strong man. John was very unhappy with Miss Casey for cutting her salary a few days ago. He had a bruise on his hand and could not give a satisfactory answer when asked about the cause of the bruise. At the same time, due to his previous criminal record, John Lee became John Babakomb Lee.

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