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Last call to swap the old TERC-Tokens until August 31, 2021.

You should start the exchange now, after which it is no longer possible.

Please go to the telegram channel if you have any questions, they will help you further.




Du hast ein Upvote von mir bekommen, diese soll die Deutsche Community unterstützen. Wenn du mich unterstützten möchtest, dann sende mir eine Delegation. Egal wie klein die Unterstützung ist, Du hilfst damit der Community. DANKE!

is this another swap? or the one that happened last year is just comming to an end? i have about 40k trc20 tercpro but I dont know if this is a new swap or the one that already happened.

 last month 

Tercpro is the new token. if you have the old terc than you can swap to tercpro. it is the last chance for users who have the old token.

1003075 << is this the new token address? this is the one i have.

also do you own @erkan? i sent your last bid to that account instead of @e-r-k-a-n

 last month 

exaktly TRC10- 1003075

 last month 

yes thats me erkan