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Here in Poland, I do not associate any special specifics in medicine. All I can say is basic drugs like Paracetamol, Ibuprofen, and the like.


From my own experience, I have to say that medicine is a lie. Pharmaceuticals are run by the Illuminati. They are on purpose from time to time spray in the Air different types of chemistry, then we on TV see ads just for this type of disease. You don't believe me? Look at the sky as the planes fly. Behind some are clear streaks of "clouds". Observe these streaks for a while and you will see that after a while they turn into clouds. This is all a deliberate conspiracy.

What Have I learned in the fight against disease?


I learned most of how to deal with illness or immunodeficiency from TikTok and my internet searches. Why do we get sick? I, for example, live in Poland and here, unfortunately, since birth, our subconscious has been formed in such a way that we all consider alcohol to be something good. Our body is an endless pharmacy. When something happens to us, the body knows how to react and how to fight the disease. You'll say I'm wrong. After all, when you have a very high fever, you need to take PARACETAMOL or other drugs to beat this fever. Wrong. The temperature rises to kill bacteria with heat. When the body does not want to eat during illness, it is good. Our bodies are a hundred times smarter than us. When he doesn't want to eat, he knows that the cells that harm us will die because they will not be provided with food. I had salmonella, for example. Sometimes it is worth listening to the body, not the doctor.

So how do I heal?


The body needs a lot of vitamins. A lot of vitamins when you're sick. Do I buy these vitamins in pharmacies? No. There are many natural ways. For example, in addition to Lemon, I eat a lot of peppers because it has more vitamin C. I make infusions from Onion husks because it has great healing properties. You can also make a decoction of onions. The effect is similar. Fruits have a lot of antioxidants and it is also worth consuming them or at least drinking compote or infusion from them. Will they tell us about it on TV? No. Because they know it's true, and they wouldn't make money from pharmaceuticals.


Even the infusion of nettle or spruce needles has a lot of vitamin C and health-promoting properties. The nails are the same. Just search the internet for information about this and you will see that what I am writing is true. The only pills I took during my illness were activated charcoal. When you get the flu, I recommend taking one pill every three hours. For 24 hours, I guarantee you'll feel better.

So the natural ways are, in my opinion, the right ways. Unfortunately, it is not our fault that we live in such a poisoned world ruled by bad people.

I invite:



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very interesting, and I got a lot of new knowledge from this post, thank you sir for sharing

 3 months ago 

No problem :)

Thank you for the invitation and the information you provide. That's important and interesting information for me. But sometimes we don't have a choice, especially if we don't understand the importance of maintaining health by making friends with nature.

 3 months ago 

You have shared an extraordinary information with us. As you described That you used pepper as its rich in vitamin C, you are absolutely right it has more amount of vitamin c. Similarly, onions husk you mentioned effective in healing. Definitely i will try it and share my feedback after this. Keep sharing quality contents.
Best of luck and success

thanks for the invite friend.. good luck in this contest 🎉


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