Announcing the Canna Community on Steemit! (BETA)

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The time has finally come for Steemit to launch the Communities feature. As for now it has just been accessible through their site which was online last week, went back to private, and now back online. It seems they are still working out all of the kinks... "Viewing beta. Note that availability of features or service may change at any time."


So for now we have launched the Canna Community on Beta.Steemit to get a head start before it launches on the main site. We are supporting Cannabis content as well as original content that our friends want to create. Join us today by buying and holding CANNA tokens.

More details to come (as we figure out how this whole thing works exactly). Right now there is a new account and category known as "hive-145223" that these posts are being submitted to... not entirely sure how that relates to using tags or whatnot. From what I gather you join the community and then from that page you can post directly and it files it under that "hive".

I will be inviting current Discord members to become community members so we can start to build the foundations of the future Steem platform. Exciting times are finally coming for Steem! We have Tribes, new front-ends, communites and soon they will launch SMT's for us all. That will unlock truly decentralized options for de-fi on the Steem blockchain.

The layers of value are growing daily as we continue to explore blockchain based solutions. Who knows, in the future we may even have a Canna SMT on Steem.




If you have any questions or concerns please stop by our Discord channel! Ask for @Jonyoudyer, @Hotsauceislethal or @Bluntsmasha! Have a fantastic day :)


Interesting. Why not join the cannabis community that already exists? This seems like a divisive move to me.

No, sorry for the confusion we created this community to kinda focus on promoting our CANNA project as well as to channel some of the content we are already doing.

Wasn't trying to step on your toes man relax.

I'm relaxed man, but WeedCash is a community for cannabis enthusiasts, smokers, and growers already, so it's weird to me that you chose to compete with it instead of join it. You can obviously do whatever you want and I wish you the best.

The thing is we ARE part of the Weedcash community. Don't have to pick between one or the other and there is nothing wrong with us having our own space to filter out Canna specific content.
The Canna community has been around since 2018 dude.

We are brothers.

How can you post on two communities with the same post?

How can you smoke two different kind of weeds? WTH, I choose on the moment and what ever feels good. One day this and the other day the other or even some hash..!

We dont fully understand the uses and functions of these community features. You shouldnt think of it as us competing that makes no sense. There is plenty of space to work together. Canna will be used for CANNA token specific promotion as well as giveaways promos.

There definitely is plenty of space to work together, but now when you go to make a post on steemit about cannabis, it appears you have two different options for which cannabis community that you want to post from. My entire point is that that pulls steem cannabis enthusiasts in two different directions - divisive . Working together does make sense to me. Competition is fine too, but you don't even admit that you're competing with the cannabis community that already existed. I just explained how that is exactly the effect that this community will have.

You may not have realized but there are quite a few CANNA token holders that are not in fact into Cannabis however they want to see CANNA token content to see how the project is doing.

They wont be part of the weedcash community.

Thats fine, but the description of your community does not reflect what you have said. It would be very easy to make it clear that your community is for content related to the CANNA token. That is not what you have done.

I have updated the description and information. Should make things a little more clear for people :) Cheers!

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