How to earn money from upVoting! + HOW IT WORKS!

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First off there are some things you should know before learning how to make money from upVoting, like what voting power is and why it matters.

What is Voting Power?
On steemit voting power is what you use each time you upVote. Every time you upVote (like) a post, 2% of your voting power is taken from your account. Although, your voting power recharges 20% each day.

So voting more than 10 times a day will cause your voting power to decrease quicker than it recharges. Spend your upVotes wisely!

Why does voting power matter?
The more voting power you have, the more influence you have on a post that you upVote. Your influence on a post at 50% voting power is of equal value to half of 100% voting power.

When should you upVote posts?
You should upVote posts when they are of value to you. For example, if you found this post helpful please upVote it (;
How to earn money from upVoting.
Everyone can earn Steem Power (SP) just from upVoting posts. The author always gets at least 75% of the total reward, but a percentage of the rest of the reward can be allocated to the curator(s).
The amount of time in between the Author making the post and you upVoting the post determines what percentage of earnings of the leftover 25% goes to the curator.

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